WeWork Awarded U.S. Federal Government’s First Flexible Coworking Services Contract

WeWork Awarded U.S. Federal Government’s First Flexible Coworking Services Contract

Washington, DC, August 26, 2021 – WeWork, one of the leading global flexible space providers, was awarded a Flexible Coworking Services (FCS) contract by the The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the federal agency responsible for providing a workplace to government employees. Under the FCS contract, WeWork will be able to provide flexible solutions for the new hybrid world of work to government agencies and employees. The GSA awarded WeWork the contract alongside four other pre-approved contractors.  

The federal government is the nation’s largest occupier of office space and did not have an established coworking acquisition vehicle until award of this contract. The FCS contract is yet another example of how Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the way people work, with all industries having to rethink their approach to the workplace. Under the FCS contract, federal agencies will be able to acquire a variety of coworking solutions to help meet agency office space requirements. 

“WeWork is honored to have been awarded the General Service Administration’s new coworking contract, allowing us to help federal employees adjust to a new hybrid world of work. The pandemic has fundamentally changed how work is approached, and now government agencies will have a tool to help employees succeed while saving costs,” said WeWork CEO Sandeep Mathrani. “The workplace of the future requires flexibility, and GSA should be applauded for innovating.”

In its solicitation for Flexible Coworking Services, the GSA noted, “Working beyond the confines of traditional government offices has become more common. Government employees are now commonly equipped with technological tools to work from anywhere…This shift in capability has resulted in greater flexibility and mission response across the Federal Government. GSA is seeking nationwide Flexible Coworking Services (FCS) solutions that provide federal employees with flexible workspace solutions in order to occupy only the space needed in order to meet their missions and promote a responsible use of taxpayer dollars.”

The FCS contract consists of one base year and four, one-year renewal options.

About WeWork:

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