Flatiron School expands its programming in the UK and Australia

The education innovator is launching cybersecurity courses in London and a new campus in Sydney to keep up with increasing demand

Photograph courtesy of Stocksy

Learning is a lifelong pursuit—it doesn’t stop after the diploma exchanges from one hand to another. Flatiron School’s mission is to help people pursue a better life through education, and starting this October, students will have the opportunity to master the skills they’ll need to land a job in cybersecurity, a growing field that shows no sign of slowing down. 

Flatiron School launched its first cybersecurity analytics course at its London campus, just a month after the school acquired SecureSet, a leading provider of cybersecurity education. The cybersecurity analyst program is designed to help students develop the skills they need to handle rapidly advancing security threats by teaching them how to set traps and catch threat actors in just 12 weeks. Students can now apply for classes, which begin on January 27, 2020.

Students of the WeWork Flatiron School attend classes and engage in discussions. Photograph by Christopher Dilts

While there is an increasing number of cybersecurity jobs around the globe, there is not nearly enough talent to keep up with demand. A recent study by Global Information Security Workforce estimates that by 2022, approximately 1000,000 cybersecurity jobs will be available in the EU region. London has a high concentration of financial, legal, and insurance institutions, all of which are in need of top-tier cybersecurity talent to help keep sensitive information safe from security threats. In fact, one report finds that 25 percent of all malware targets are financial services companies and that credit card fraud has increased by 200 percent.

In addition to this new cybersecurity program, Flatiron School is expanding its global footprint to help more people strengthen their confidence in their career or earn the confidence they need to start a new one. In September, the school announced its expansion to Australia to broaden students’ opportunity to land a career in tech. Beginning February 2020, students can attend the premier software engineering and UX/UI design courses at Flatiron School’s Sydney campus. Like those in other locations, students in Australia will be provided with a one-year WeWork hot desk membership, which is included in their tuition. They’ll be invited to join the WeWork network and use the space to collaborate and study with their classmates.