Deel Partners with WeWork to Bring Flexible Workspaces to More Workers Worldwide

To support distributed work arrangements, Deel provides WeWork memberships on its global perks platform

SAN FRANCISCO & NEW YORK – Oct 26, 2022 – In another step to simplify the world of HR, global payroll company Deel has partnered with WeWork (NYSE: WE), a leading flexible workspace provider, to offer companies WeWork All Access memberships for employees.

As international hiring has skyrocketed over the past few years, distributed teams are becoming more commonplace. There is still, however, a need for workspaces – to maintain in-person connections, build culture, and facilitate collaboration. Research also shows that giving more working options to employees has become a major factor in attracting and retaining talent. Per LinkedIn’s data, a flexible work arrangement has become the fastest-growing priority among job candidates since 2020.

To meet this demand, Deel is now offering through its self-serve platform a way for employers to provide WeWork memberships to their employees around the world. Deel has been using this perk for its own workforce –  teams in over 80 countries – to great fanfare; it’s now extending it to other companies. In just a few clicks, Deel business customers can request a WeWork All Access monthly membership for their new hires when they go through the onboarding process. Deel will then manage all things workspace on their teams’ behalf – from automating access requests, to solving issues that may arise. The goal is to enable more workers, regardless of where they live or where their headquarters are, to gain access to convenient and high-quality workspace options.

Where you work is yet another aspect of building a global team that Deel is trying to simplify. Before Deel, it was complex to onboard, pay, and manage people in other countries. Now, companies can do all of this from one online platform, reducing manual work. It’s making global hiring a lot easier and more attractive to companies, and it’s making distributed work a much better experience for employees and contractors around the world.

WeWork All Access is a monthly subscription-based membership that unlocks access to 700+ workspaces around the world. Launched in August 2020, WeWork All Access has experienced record growth, most recently reaching a total of 62,000 members as of June 30, 2022. Data from WeWork shows that in the last year, demand for this flexible workspace product has grown 210% year-over-year. 

“We use WeWork to give our own global teams a more flexible work environment, so it only made sense to extend the partnership to our customers. Offering workspaces directly through Deel is just another way we’re simplifying the world of HR.” said Alex Bouaziz, co-founder and CEO of Deel.

“As hybrid work models have accelerated the demand for turn-key, centrally located flexible workspaces, WeWork is proud to partner with Deel to provide its global customer base with All Access memberships – enabling companies to provide their people with work environments that foster connection and collaboration,” said Melinda Holland, President and COO of The Americas.

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