Announcing WeWork’s first Miami location

WeWork Lincoln Road marks our first location in this international business hub

Our community is expanding to Miami this summer with the opening of WeWork Lincoln Road.

Miami’s international status, accessibility to the Latin American technology market, and sought-after lifestyle are appealing to entrepreneurs and make for a winning formula for small-business growth. With an abundance of regular meetup groups and resources like Refresh Miami, the framework is in place for a legitimate and sustainable tech hub.

Since 2010, venture-capital investment in Miami-area companies has more than tripled, and the costs of starting up are much lower compared to other major cities. As a result, South Beach, the home of our new location, is experiencing substantial momentum in growing its tech scene.

With our location at 350 Lincoln Road, we hope to support Miami’s existing entrepreneurial community by providing companies with beautiful space to grow, access to our global community of creators, as well as meaningful business services that allow them to focus on making a life, not just a living.

Quintessentially Miami, Lincoln Road is a lively locale for food, entertainment, art, unique architecture, and beautiful scenery.

Learn more about joining the community in Miami.