A note on WeWork’s approach to the coronavirus

We know there have been questions about WeWork’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic, particularly as it relates to WeWork spaces that have remained opened in certain cities around the world. WeWork is in an incredibly unique position. WeWork is a service provider and we have an obligation to keep our buildings open. In the same way we expect certain businesses to remain open for us—whether it be a fulfillment center to send us a package, a bank so we can handle finances, grocery stores and pharmacies to supply us our valued goods—we too have members counting on us to remain open so they can run their companies to generate revenue, pay their people, and continue serving their customers. Since the start of the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have undertaken a range of efforts from increased building cleanings, new work from home policies, reduced staffing models, rotational work programs, Uber subsidies to avoid mass transportation, and more.

Where we believe we can operate our buildings safely, and in accordance with government policies, we will keep those buildings open. For those who have helped us to stay open, we want to share two of many quotes from our members: 

“We provide support to Hospitals, Clinics, and Food Banks in the terms of personnel. We provide essential personnel like nurses and medical assistants and other licensed healthcare professionals to keep their business in operation.”

“Our company is working with Health Care companies, hospitals and delivery companies involved in combating COVID-19 and as such our business is essential and needs to remain supported and able to access WeWork locations throughout the country during this time.”

That said, WeWork will implement a work from home policy for all employees including Community. We are preparing to hire third-parties as needed to keep our buildings open. But we will first give WeWork employees the option to come to work. This is an individual —and has no bearing on your status at WeWork. This will go into effect immediately and we will reevaluate this policy again by March 31st. 

Our deepest and most sincere thanks go to all of our colleagues around the world for their tenacity, unity, and their ability to pull through, together, for our members and one another. 

Thank you all for your unwavering commitment to WeWork. 

Marcelo Claure is executive chairman of WeWork.