WeWork Workplace

A scalable software-as-a-service solution for managing searching, booking and accessing office space, and creating meaningful employee experiences within physical space. WeWork Workplace is also expected to power the administrative experience for inventory management, capacity management, data analytics and utilization reporting across all owned, leased or managed real estate assets.

Manage your employee experience

  • Embrace a more flexible, hybrid return-to-work strategy with online booking and coworking collaboration
  • Help your employees manage in-person meetings wherever you have space
  • Unlock insights into how your space is being used

Maximize all the spaces you operate

  • Seamlessly manage your portfolio of properties with end-to end operations technology
  • Increase building occupancy through inventory and capacity management
  • Get insights into building usage along with recommended actions

Embrace a flexible way to work

WeWork is a leading global flexible space provider. By partnering with Yardi — the leading provider of real estate software — companies can accelerate return-to-work strategies and hybrid solutions.

WeWork Workplace software-as-a-service will provide companies of all sizes with a universal platform for powering and optimizing flexible work strategies.

Maximize your space

Easily configure your space and manage operations with building and usage analytics.

Coordinate team-time online

Employees get access to booking and managing coworking space, registering guests, and planning in-person meetings.

Empower your employees

Give employees the power to book space in any of your leased or owned property.

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