WeWork House Rules for Georgetown University Students

These House Rules are addition to any rules, policies and/or procedures that are specific to a WeWork location used by you, including any WeWork COVID-19 rules, policies and/or procedures.

  • You must badge into WeWork locations using a WeWork member keycard. Where permitted by law, will be required to provide valid, government-issued ID in order to be issued a keycard and before entering any WeWork location. To help secure our spaces, your keycard is for your personal use only and may not be copied or shared with another person or party unless expressly permitted by WeWork.
  • While you are using a WeWork space, you are responsible for ensuring that your personal items are secure. WeWork is not responsible for any lost or stolen items or any property you leave behind in any of our locations. WeWork will be entitled to dispose of any property remaining in any of our locations, and you waive any claims or demands regarding such property or our handling of such property. You will safeguard WeWork property and promptly notify the community team at your WeWork location should any such property be lost, stolen or destroyed. 
  • The WeWork common spaces are available for the use of all our members and, if applicable, their guests, unless otherwise instructed by us. For the safety and enjoyment of all members of our community, all members, guests, and others using our spaces shall act in a respectful manner in the space, and shall not perform any activity or cause or permit anything that is reasonably likely to be disruptive or dangerous to us or any members, or our/their employees, guests, or property. You will not misrepresent yourself to the WeWork community, either in person or on the WeWork Member Network.
  • Use of any WeWork space to conduct or pursue any illegal or offensive activities is strictly prohibited, and weapons of any kind, and any other offensive, dangerous, hazardous, inflammable or explosive materials are strictly prohibited in any WeWork space. If you become aware of weapon in a WeWork space, contact the community team at your WeWork location or call the WeWork emergency phone line immediately.
  • You will not consume alcohol at any WeWork location.
  • You are not permitted to have guests under your membership. 
  • Please be advised that for security reasons, WeWork may, but has no obligation to, regularly record certain areas at WeWork locations via video.
  • For any persons using the WeWork wireless internet and/or the WeWork Member Network, such person’s computers, tablets, mobile devices and other electronic equipment must be (a) kept up-to-date with the latest software updates provided by the software vendor and (b) kept clean of any malware, viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, or anything that is designed to perform malicious, hostile and/or intrusive operations. WeWork reserves the right to remove any device from our networks that poses a threat to our networks or users until the threat is remediated.
  • Your access to and use of the WeWork Member Network is subject to the WeWork Member Network Terms of Service available at www.wework.com/legal/mena-tos. Your access to and use of any shared internally connection at a WeWork location is subject to the WeWork Data Connection & Internet Access Terms of Services available at www.wework.com/legal/wireless-network-terms-of-service.
  • You will not take, copy or use any information or intellectual property belonging to other member companies or their members or guests, including without limitation any confidential or proprietary information, personal names, likenesses, voices, business names, trademarks, service marks, logos, trade dress, other identifiers or other intellectual property, or modified or altered versions of the same.
  • You will not take, copy or use for any purpose (a) the name “We”, “WeWork” or any of our other business names, trademarks, service marks, logos, designs, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, trade dress, marketing material, other identifiers or other intellectual property; (b) any derivations, modifications or similar versions of the same; or (c) any photographs or illustrations of any portion of a WeWork, for any purpose, without WeWork’s prior consent.
  • You may only film at any WeWork location after completing all required paperwork and receiving express written consent from WeWork.
  • Please be advised that persons using our space may not store significant amounts of currency or other valuable goods or commodities at a WeWok location that are not commonly kept in commercial offices; in the event that you do so, WeWork will not be liable for any such loss. 
  • Please be advised that persons using our space may not operate any equipment within a WeWork location that has a higher heat output or electrical consumption than in a typical personal office environment, or places excessive strain on our electrical, IT, HVAC or structural systems, with such determination to be made in our sole discretion, without our prior approval.

To the extent permitted by law, you waive any and all claims and rights against WeWork Companies LLC and our affiliates, parents, and successors and each of our and their employees, assignees, officers, agents and directors (the “WeWork Parties”) and our landlords at any WeWork location (a) resulting from any bodily injury to you or your pet, except to the extent caused by the negligence, willful misconduct or fraud of the WeWork Parties and (b) for any loss of, or damage to, your property, except to the extent caused by the gross negligence, willful misconduct or fraud of the WeWork Parties.

WeWork may update, amend or supplement these House Rules, and our policies and terms of service, and shall provide you with notice of such updates. Continued use of WeWork locations and/or services following such notice will constitute acceptance of the new terms.

Georgetown COVID-19 Addendum

When using the Georgetown University Student Benefit to access a WeWork location, you will:

  • wear a mask at all times over your nose and mouth;
  • maintain at least 6 feet (2 meters) of physical distance between yourself and any other person;
  • remain at home if you: (1) have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or otherwise feel ill; (2) have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19; or (3) yourself have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 10 days;
  • follow COVID-19 guidance and requirements of local health authorities; and
  • cooperate, as necessary, with local health authorities and/or Georgetown’s public health team.

These requirements are in addition to any COVID-19 rules, policies and/or procedures that are specific to a WeWork location used by you.

Either WeWork or Georgetown University may enforce the rules and requirements set forth above.

Students are reminded that Georgetown University’s Student Conduct and Professionalism codes apply to students whether or not they are physically on-campus. The University reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action under these codes when, in the judgment of University officials, the alleged conduct has a negative impact on the University community, the pursuit of its mission, or the broader community in which we live.