WeWork All Access FAQs

To book workspace or get in touch, download the WeWork app


Or visit the member web portal at members.wework.com

How it works

How do I get a keycard and start using my membership?
How do I book a workspace?
How do I book a conference room?
Do I need to book workspaces before going to a location?
Once I’ve arrived at the location I’ve booked, where can I find a workspace?
Can I bring guests?
How do I register a guest?

General questions about WeWork All Access

Is mail and package handling included with WeWork All Access?
I’m interested in a WeWork All Access membership. How does this differ from other WeWork products?
What WeWork locations do I have access to?
Are conference room credits included with my membership?
What spaces are bookable for WeWork All Access members?
What are the hours of operation that I can book space for WeWork All Access?
Is printing included with WeWork All Access?
Can I book workspace on the weekend?
How can I access the workspace that I reserved?
Can I reserve multiple workspaces on the same day?

WeWork All Access for teams

What does it mean to use WeWork All Access as an employee benefit?
What is the Floating membership model?
What is the utilization-based membership model?
How do I know if I am eligible for the two-month-free-trial?
Will I be charged after the two-month free trial ends?
Can I set up a corporate account?

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