Enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures

The workplace, redefined for your wellbeing

As we think about the future of the workplace, we recognize that while physical distancing may be part of our new normal, collaboration and human connection will remain more important than ever. That’s why we’re increasing sanitization, prioritizing personal space to better socially distance in the workplace, and implementing behavioral signage—ensuring that members can continue working in safe and clean environments.

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Increased sanitization

We are disinfecting common areas more frequently and are providing complimentary sanitization products in our spaces.

Prioritizing personal space

By modifying shared spaces with staggered seating and buffer zones, teams can practice healthy social distancing in the workplace from colleagues and members.

Behavioral signage

New cleaning standards and capacity protocols will be reinforced with strategically-placed signage and wayfinding-friendly reminders.

“WeWork has been a leader in fostering innovation and collaboration in the workplace for over a decade. Today, we are once again in a position to redefine what the future of work looks like as we face the new realities of a post COVID-19 world.”

Sandeep Mathrani
CEO of WeWork

Enhancing our cleaning measures

In addition to our workplace social distancing solutions, we have developed new cleaning standards that align with guidance provided by global health organizations.

Enhanced disinfection protocols
Increased cleaning scope and frequency.
Expanded sanitization products
Hand sanitizers and wipes; new hands-free soap dispensers.
Personal protective equipment
Introduction of face masks and gloves for our Community teams.
Pantry offering upgrades
Single-use cutlery, dairy products, condiments and gloves.

Prioritizing personal space for workplace distancing

Professional social distancing standards and strategically placed behavioral and wayfinding signage allow members to collaborate in person with more comfort and peace of mind.

De-densified lounges
Capacity will be modified with seat-to-seat distancing—reducing occupancy.
Single-occupancy work nooks
Capacity limited to one person per booth.
Reconfigured meeting rooms
New capacity guidelines provide more space per person.
Enhanced phone booth cleaning schedules
Frequent cleanings complemented by wipe dispensers.

Improving indoor air quality

Since 2012, WeWork has collaborated closely with Arup, a leading global engineering consulting firm, to design industry-leading workspaces. Recently, we engaged Arup to identify how we can improve indoor air quality in our spaces using our air distribution systems. The findings are informing short- and long-term updates to our space design and HVAC strategies.

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The health and safety of our members and global communities are our number one priority. We’ve applied a five point plan for improvements in each building—ensuring you can work with peace of mind.

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