Featured event spaces in Latin America

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From corporate events to weddings and just about everything in between—our spaces are an ideal venue for your next event in the top cities of Latin America.


São Paulo
Host your next event here and help bring the creativity, color, and vibrancy of São Paulo to your guests.
Rio de Janeiro
As the most popular tourist destination in Latin America, Rio de Janeiro is the perfect location to host your next event.
Belo Horizonte
WeWork is a perfect venue to host your next event at Brazils’ beacon of technology and innovation.
Porto Alegre
Host your next event in a city rich in parks, outdoor space, and innovation.


Embodying Mexico’s future, Guadalajara has evolved into an R&D hotspot and the business hub of west Mexico.
Mexico City
This high-octane city is known for its business district and is becoming one of the key cities for international companies in Latin America. 
Considered an important industrial and business hub—Monterrey is the commercial center of northern Mexico.


Home to one of the most important ports of Colombia, the “Golden Gate” is a popular tourist destination for locals and foreigners.
As the political, economic, financial, and cultural center of Colombia, Bogotá is an attractive international destination for investors and global corporations.
A coveted destination for major brands and independent artists alike, Medellin offers the perfect combination of commerce and culture.



Costa Rica


Buenos Aires
Passionate soccer fans, world-class tourist destinations, and a booming tech scene make Argentina a model of economic and cultural influence.
Recognized for its strategic business sense and opportunities for business internationally—Santiago is one of the most important cities in South America.
San José
Considered Latin America’s next big tech hub, San José is home to hundreds of local and global companies in the industry.
Lima, a vibrant seaside city, doubles as the economic engine and industrial center of Peru—a perfect place for both eager entrepreneurs and established enterprises.