HoloPresence™ at WeWork

Ready to book HoloPresence™?

Dial up your event’s wow factor with HoloPresence™ at WeWork. This breakthrough technology uses a two-way live communication that connects guests with a 3D holographic presenter anywhere in the world. 

How it works

HoloPresence™ at WeWork is the future of hybrid events. By capturing and beaming one or more remote presenters, speakers appear as 3D holograms that have the ability to seamlessly engage with live audiences and each other. WeWork is the first flexible space provider to make HoloPresence™ technology available in its spaces.

Product types

Choose from three signature product types to build an event based on your needs.

Capture Studio

A recording studio where the presenter is captured and broadcasted as a 3D hologram on one of the display products anywhere in our global network of locations.


A high-quality holographic display screen, geared towards a larger audience & event.


A semi-permanent holographic display cabinet, equipped to broadcast one presenter in front of a smaller audience.

Use cases

From town halls to new product launches, be there when it matters most.