Online catering company finds long-term and flexible are no longer mutually exclusive

Online catering company

  • 750 employees 
  • Four full floors
  • 97,000 RSF
  • 5 year term
  • Client search to deal signed in 8 months

Since 2012, the online business catering platform has doubled in size every year. They needed a flexible workspace that could accommodate their growth while still fostering their strong company culture—and their broker found exactly what they were looking for at WeWork’s newly opened 40 Water Street in Boston.  

The client took over four floors in the brand new building. Their 5-year agreement delivers flexible terms and customized space for 750 employees, giving them the agility they need for their next growth phase. Working hand in hand with their broker, the deal was sourced negotiated and delivered in only 8 months. 

Seven, eight, ten years—it’s just a lifetime for us. We don’t know what we’ll need in ten years, so to sign a least like that? I can’t imagine it.

CEO of online catering company

Whether or not this online catering company will need 5 years (or more) in their term is highly dependent on their growth. WeWork’s game-changing flexibility means that companies have the option to grow into their space at their own pace—ultimately saving them money.  

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