Eight WeWork offices with curb appeal

These eye-catching locations around the world feature inviting exteriors that welcome employees and clients

They say it’s not fair to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to business, employees, visitors, and clients will likely form an impression of an organization based on its location and facilities. In short, an office building can speak volumes about the company inside.

What factors play into an office building’s curb appeal? Looks and accessibility count. The ideal office exterior should be inviting and pleasing to the eye. Its design should align with a company’s cultural values. The location is important as well—a company may opt to be in a central business district or an up-and-coming neighborhood, depending on the customers and talent it hopes to attract.

Partnering with WeWork gives companies unrivaled access to hundreds of global locations; this offers them a wide range of offices in prime neighborhoods that can help attract new talent, engage with potential customers, and network with innovators and partners who can help drive the business.

Take a look at WeWork exteriors around the world to get a glimpse of what having company curb appeal is all about.

A bold statement in Los Angeles

The mirrored exterior of WeWork 1601 Vine St makes a statement, standing out on this bustling Hollywood street.

Classic elegance in London

With its stately facade, WeWork Aldwych House has a strong presence in this central London neighborhood. Its neighbors include the London School of Economics and Covent Garden.

A can’t-miss-it sight in Mexico City

Two office towers with a connecting bridge make for a unique structure. WeWork Arcos Bosques is an eye-catching and iconic place for employees to call home. 

Creative design in West Hollywood

The glossy, multihued glass exterior is reflective of the creative work that happens at WeWork Pacific Design Center.

Impressive and imposing in Bengaluru

This sprawling glass building with a cool zigzag design stands out, and the WeWork logo is proudly and cleverly displayed at WeWork RMZ Latitude Commercial.

A touch of green in Mexico City

With an unconventional shape and a pleasant mix of modern architecture and greenery, this building is both welcoming and professional. The oversize lawn sign helps WeWork Montes Urales 424 stand out in a subtle way.

An iconic facade in London

Home to WeWork No 1 Poultry, this building and its postmodern design is a London landmark. The two-tone pink-and-yellow brick curves and straight-edge glass exterior make for an architectural masterpiece. 

An inspiring call to action in Lima

The fountain and entryway to WeWork Antonio Miroquesada 360 are tranquil and inviting, while the call for employees to “Do What You Love” can be seen far and wide.

This article was originally published on October 15, 2019, and has been updated throughout by the editors.

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