Best office locations in Washington, D.C.

From festivities on H Street to think tanks in Dupont Circle, here are the best office locations in Washington, D.C.

From the federal government to a robust private sector and a selection of leading universities, Washington, D.C. offers a launchpad to success for businesses across a range of industries. Innovation happens easily with access to incubators and think tanks, while growth is ongoing in an economy supported by thriving public and private sectors.

Whether you’re running a medium-sized business, looking for privacy and convenience, or growing a startup and looking for flexibility and inclusive amenities, WeWork has the space you need to thrive.

From K Street and Chinatown to Dupont Circle and beyond, here are the best locations for opening an office in Washington, D.C.

G Street

Brimming with movers and shakers and located right near the White House, the center of town is where the big deals happen. Home to political advisers, executives, and art lovers, the G Street neighborhood is ideal for growing teams bursting with new ideas.

With comfortable lounges and soundproofed phone cubicles, WeWork Metropolitan Square offers a moment of peace from the buzzing surroundings. Find the zen you need to develop your strategy in one of our wellness rooms or kick off your next project in a collaborative conference room. Whether you’re opening a satellite office or launching your first real office space, settling in at Metropolitan Square puts you right in the action.

WeWork 1440 G St NW in Washington, D.C.

Dupont Circle

Work among some of the smartest minds in the nation at Dupont Circle—more than 60 percent of the population has an advanced degree, and a slate of highly-influential think tanks call this neighborhood home. It’s not all business, however, as there’s a thriving culinary scene fueled by a diverse cultural community, and a selection of art collections to boot.

WeWork Universal North is fully equipped with modern meeting rooms, expansive lounges, and an arcade room (for when you’re looking for a reset). Take advantage of A/V equipment, televisions, and easy internet connections for seamless client meetings and seminars. Plus, the custom art pieces and marble tables dotted throughout the workspace are sure to impress.


Located in one of the city’s oldest areas, Chinatown is an intriguing blend of modern and traditional. WeWork 718 7th St NW channels the energy of the surrounding streets into creative office space, offering a wellness room, beautiful lounge areas, and monthly workshops (from educational seminars to community cheese tastings).

For a breath of fresh air, head to the iconic Friendship Archway—taking in this 60-foot structure will help you recenter—or explore the dining options in Chinatown. After work, head across the road to Capital One Arena for a night to celebrate with the team.

WeWork 80 M St SE in Washington, D.C.

H Street

A community of artists, farmers’ markets, and neighborhood festivities make H Street a lively home for your business—and the economic outlook in this area is promising, too. The H Street Festival attracts thousands of people each year, and showcases the latest in art and music.

If you’re at your best surrounded by creativity, you’ll appreciate working and socializing with other like-minded souls at WeWork The Apollo, just off H Street. The office features common areas with mood lighting and comfortable sofas. And the conference rooms are roomy enough to spread out and brainstorm your next big project.

K Street

To grow your company at the epicenter of political power in this country, aim to work on K Street in D.C. This neighborhood is best for people starting their own public relations firm, analytics agency, or government consulting team. Maybe you’re looking for buttoned-up office space to meet with clients, or you’re launching a nonprofit and need access to lobbyists and policymakers. Either way, WeWork 1875 K St NW sets you up for success.

Our K Street building is elegant and impressive—ideal for hosting business meetings and impressing decision-makers. Like all our buildings, it also comes with the essentials like printers, paper shredders, and office supplies.

This centrally located collaborative workspace is designed to keep your staff productive and engaged. Plus, it’s in a neighborhood that knows how to get things done, which is sure to rub off on your team.

In finding the best neighborhood to open an office in Washington, D.C., you must look at your business trajectory in addition to the needs of your team. With a range of office locations across the nation’s capital, WeWork provides the space, community, and amenities you need to succeed in Washington, D.C.—whether you’re just starting out, or running an impactful non-profit.

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