Enterprise social media company scales globally with WeWork

Enterprise social media company by the numbers

  • 1000 employees and growing
  • 3 full floors with option to expand
  • 3-year initial term with option to extend 
  • 9 months from deal signed to move-in 

A rapidly expanding enterprise social media company was ready to put down roots for its eastern headquarters. 

Between their explosive headcount numbers and global expansion plans, they wanted a flexible office space that could function as their headquarters, while also giving them room to grow for future expansion. Ideally, they wanted one point of contact to assist them with their real estate needs during a period of extreme global growth. 

Working in close partnership with WeWork, their broker was able to deliver a customized 3-floor headquarters—adding an optional fourth floor for future expansion into their terms. 

Previously, fast-growing companies didn’t have the option to sign short-term leases. Traditional agreements kept them confined to fixed square footage for 5 to 10 years.

Partnering with a flexible solution like WeWork allows companies to sign a deal for 12 to 24 months and move into a customized space—while limiting their upfront capital expenses. When they outgrow the space, WeWork can place them in a larger one.

WeWork broker partner

“One of the benefits of working with WeWork domestically and internationally is the added level of resources. WeWork has bolstered my ability to come up with information fast—they help me source the right spaces in the markets where my clients want to be.” This customized support helps brokers provide the best options for their clients, no matter where they are, or where they’re going. 

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