A lottery app wins big with their new office

Jackpocket opens their first headquarters with WeWork’s solution for growing companies

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The challenge: A thriving startup decides it’s time to open their first headquarters

Peter Sullivan grew up in a lottery family.

“They’d talk about it all the time,” he says. “They’d use birth dates, anniversary dates, or random numbers they saw while driving down the highway.”

It’s fitting then, that in 2012, when Sullivan was at a career crossroads and looking to launch a company, the lottery came to mind. Though technology has disrupted most industries, at the time, the lottery had not evolved much: If you wanted to play, you had to go to a store, purchase a paper ticket, keep it safe for the drawing, and—if you were lucky—collect the prize. 

Sullivan envisioned a way to reinvent the process for the digital age. The U.S. lottery is an $80 billion industry that helps fund essential state programs such as education, veterans’ assistance, and natural-resources protection. Yet it had the potential to drive more revenue and attract younger players—if there were an easier way to play. 

Sullivan launched Jackpocket out of WeWork Labs. It was the first third-party app in the U.S. to offer players a secure way to remotely buy official state lottery tickets through their mobile phones. The company name is a portmanteau of “jackpot in your pocket.” 

Over the past seven years, Sullivan’s idea caught on. Jackpocket now covers three states—Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Texas—with plans to grow. The team has expanded, too. After outgrowing their WeWork Labs space, Jackpocket moved into private offices at WeWork locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Last year, they felt it was time that they had a large enough team to open a headquarters.

The solution: a move-in ready headquarters that feels like home

Jackpocket saw headquarters by WeWork as an ideal office space solution. Jackpocket wouldn’t have to source and build out a space, and they could choose from a selection of private floors located in prime New York neighborhoods. They could select the floorplan that best suited their needs and configure the space with unique touches reflecting their culture and brand. 

With headquarters by WeWork, Jackpocket found a space that supports the company’s growth while feeling like a familiar home base. The space reflects the Jackpocket brand: simple, elegant, and fun. Jackpocket added a music corner and custom arcade machine to the space. And there’s room to grow: Thirty-six employees work out of the space, but it can accommodate more—which will be necessary as Jackpocket scales into more states this year.

“We needed a space that could support our growth and help us continue to foster our identity,” says Sullivan. “We felt the ethos and aesthetic of headquarters by WeWork would reflect our look and feel as a playful-but-polished organization.”

The results: a long-term real estate partnership for every growth stage

WeWork has provided Jackpocket with workspace and support at every stage. WeWork Labs offered guidance to get the initial idea off the ground and a soft cushion for any challenges along the way. In fact, Sullivan met Jackpocket’s CTO, Leo Shemesh, at WeWork Labs—they were sitting across from each other, started talking, and found that their business instincts aligned perfectly. During Jackpocket’s early years, WeWork private offices provided the team with an ideal space with all of the logistics taken care of—internet, printing, maintenance—so Sullivan could focus on building the company. 

Now, headquarters by WeWork offers Jackpocket a private space that feels uniquely theirs. Rather than take on a traditional long-term lease—which would have meant paying for a fully custom buildout and tying up cash in upfront capital—they went with a low-stakes, high-reward approach. Jackpocket’s long-term partnership can only be described as a win.

Key highlights:

  • Full-floor, private office in prime Manhattan location
  • Space reflective of Jackpocket’s brand with unique touches
  • Room to accommodate growing headcount
  • Low-risk solution with no upfront capital

headquarters by WeWork is a private office built for you, managed by us. If you’re interested in learning more about headquarters by WeWork, get in touch.

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