Yojo founder Jessa Messina: Find ways to ‘defeat the seat’

Meet Jessica Messina, Yojo Founder

How Jessica Messina Created A Yoga Startup

Yoga instructor Jessa Messina is on a mission to change your life. She loves what the modern world has to offer, but she’s aware of the stress it puts on our bodies.

“What technology has done,” she says, “is change the way we use both our bodies and our minds.”

At WeWork Summer Camp 2015 the founder of the mobile yoga studio called Yojo shared secrets about ways to “Defeat the Seat.” Her takeaway: find ways during your day to get up and move around.

“It’s not about not sitting,” says the WeWork Charging Bull member, “it’s about sitting well and sitting in a way that isn’t damaging to your body.”

For more from Messina, check out our Youtube channel for WeWork Summer Camp 2015.

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