Up at Night episode 5: The world’s first CHO

Every leader of a growing business has experienced a restless night. A night where a new opportunity or a daunting challenge got in the way of a decent night’s sleep.

On this show, host John Henry calls up successful leaders of midsize businesses — at night — to find out what’s really keeping them up.

About this episode with VaynerMedia’s Claude Silver

Our guest is Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at media innovator VaynerMedia and likely the first Chief Heart Officer you’ve ever heard from. Claude is not your average HR executive. In fact, “HR” isn’t even in her title.

What keeps her awake? How to help each one of VaynerMedia’s 900 employees thrive. In this episode, Claude makes the case for a new kind of HR that goes beyond the 9 to 5—and shares some of the secrets behind the company’s incredible 85% employee retention rate.

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