Tips and resources for juggling work and parenting

As the coronavirus keeps families at home, here are some ways to keep kids entertained and parents focused

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As families navigate these new waters, and the stress that comes with having exponentially more to do during the day, we’ve summarized some helpful tips and resources that may be useful when it comes to balancing work with educating and caring for children. As these two worlds have collided over the past few weeks—and continue to fuse for the near future—maintaining a peaceful coexistence can be difficult at times, but it’s not impossible.

Quick Tips

1. Designate an area for your “home office”/adjust your workspace

You definitely don’t want to completely isolate yourself from the children if no one else is around to tend to them, but the kitchen table won’t serve as the optimal workspace, either. Search for a well-lit area in your home, preferably a spare room with a door, that will enable you to organize your files, stay on task, and minimize interruptions.

2. Work the graveyard shift/become an early riser

Because hours have been lost during the day to other distractions, tack on work time at night and in the morning when it tends to be quieter.

3. Be realistic

They are kids, and they demand attention. They can’t be expected to sit for hours at a time while you work. Assign time to be with them.

4. Plan ahead

If possible, take control of your schedule by establishing your own internal deadlines, because you never know what each day will bring when you have kids in the house.

5. Create a to-do/activity list

Some semblance of structure and a routine are what kids need. Provide them with a schedule much like the ones they have at school. Ideally it’s a daily ritual that combines educational activities and tasks.

6. Offer incentives

Set goals for your children to keep them occupied. If they successfully meet the target, offer them a reward.

7. Give it a rest

Kids still driving you up the wall? Rid yourself of any internal guilt and take a break. Take them on a bike ride, have a fitness competition, watch a movie, bake cookies, go for a walk, or simply play catch.

8. Pat yourself on the back

Balancing children and a full-fledged workload is beyond difficult. Regardless of how you wind down, make time to pamper yourself on occasion to avoid burning out and crashing into a mental brick wall from work overload.


These activities offer engagement opportunities for children as they hang at home.

Museums, zoos, and aquariums

Learning and activities

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