Six essentials for easy summer travel

Make the most of your PTO with these tech, health, and lifestyle must-haves

By now you’ve hopefully made plans to unplug this summer—you and your company both benefit when you put your well-earned PTO to use. Taking vacation can set up employees to return to the office more productive, while research suggests that overworking can lead to burnout, stress, and serious health risks

Whether you’re flying across the country or planning a couple of days on the road, there are a few travel essentials you might consider snagging before hightailing it out of home base. The following products, which are all crafted by WeWork members, will help ensure your time away is well-spent. 

Photograph courtesy of Intelligent Change

Unplug with purpose. Unplugging doesn’t mean your brain shuts off. Instead, this time away allows your mind to wander and meditate on topics having nothing to do with work, which will benefit you in the long run. Invest in Intelligent Change’s Five-Minute Journal so you have a physical place where you can reflect on your time away. Even if you don’t consider yourself a journaler, this book makes the process simple: With prompts and inspiring quotes, the pages inside the Five-Minute Journal motivate you to write things down. Better yet, you only need to write for five minutes a day. $22.95

Photograph courtesy of Love + Sage

Stay hydrated. A wise person once said dry lips are a barrier to freedom—or something. Dehydration and stale airplane air can leave your lips feeling depleted, and the discomfort can distract you from actually enjoying yourself. Enter Love + Sage original tinted lip balm. The all-organic beeswax-based stick adds a supermoisturizing touch of pink that flatters all mouths, and its mineral-based color boasts a natural UV protection, according to its product description. It also comes in a colorless variety, if that’s more your thing. $12

Snack smart. You deserve to be spontaneous during your time off, but that doesn’t mean you should throw all caution to the wind. An emergency snack as portable as a Kind Bar prevents so many almost-disasters. Whether you’re struck by an overwhelming hangry-ness or your dietary preferences don’t vibe with the day’s menu, this satiating lower-sugar bar will hold you over. $15.49 for 12 bars

Photography courtesy of Pinch Provisions

Be prepared. The first rule of vacation is someone will inevitably forget their phone charger. Mitigate the chaos of having to share yours with this handy (and adorable) Pinch Provisions tech kit, which includes seven tech essentials. You can snag one at WeWork Now‘s marketplace. In an ideal world, you might leave your phone off during your getaway, but in a more realistic one, you’ll want to upload those beach photos in real time. $26

Photography courtesy of Native Union

Make it unforgettable. If you’re more of a minimalist, Native Union’s key cable might be a better bet for the your packing list. This subtle phone cable doubles as a key chain, meaning you’ll have a way to charge virtually anywhere you go. The cable comes in five colors and can be equipped with an Apple-Lightning connector or a USB-A to USB-C connector. $29.99

Photography courtesy of S’well

Avoid the thirst trap. If you’ve ever bought a plastic water bottle at an airport, you know why it’s time to invest in reusable. Instead of spending your vacation cash on plastic, bring your empty S’well bottle through the TSA check and fill it at the fountain. Beyond saving you money, S’well, a member company that’s stationed at WeWork Medius House in London,  will keep your cool drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and the hot ones hot for up to 12. Plus, the bottle is designed with a copper wall to keep the exterior condensation-free. It also has a mouth big enough for ice cubes (which also makes it much easier to clean) and fits most standard-size cup holders. $35

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