How to show admin appreciation

Although you shouldn’t just show your appreciation to your administrative staff one day a year, Administrative Professionals Day is a time of year to really go above and beyond for the people who do so much for your company.

There are so many ways that you can show appreciation for your administrative staff during Admin Day. Spend some time throughout the year paying attention to what they like, what they buy, what they surround themselves with at their desks. The more you know about your admin, the better you can show your appreciation for them on Admin Day.

1. A card

A card is a small, but a personal way of showing admin appreciation to your admin staff. It takes time and effort to go out and buy a card. Write a personal, hand-written note inside to show that you have put some thought into their gift.

2. Flowers

If you know what their favorite color is or what their favorite flower is, give them a beautiful bouquet of flowers. There are so many online sites now where you can order different flowers and have them delivered directly to the office on a specific date.

3. Dinner on the company

If you are in a position to give them the gift of an expensed dinner out to a restaurant of their choice. Or give them a gift certificate that they can use to take their family out to dinner somewhere nice.

4. Gift cards

If you’re not sure exactly what sort of gift they’d love, but you know particular stores or products that they never stop talking about, get them a gift card. Sometimes the best gift is the opportunity to choose exactly what you want.

5. An afternoon off

Do you really want to show your admin how much you appreciate them? Let them head home after lunch. If the office isn’t too busy or there isn’t too much work to do, letting them head home early is a great gift to give.

6. A day off

Even better than the afternoon off would be a whole day off. If during the week of Administrative Professionals Week you’re not able to give them a day off, gift them a voucher that allows them to take a paid day off at some other point during the year that doesn’t count as one of their holiday days.

6. CEO swap

Have a bit of fun in the office on Admin Day and give the admin role to the CEO. Let he or she see what a few hours in the life of the administrative staff is really like. Meanwhile, let the admin staff sit back and watch it all unfold. This is not only a fun way to bond with the staff, it’s also a great opportunity for the CEO or other high-level executives to see how much the admin really do throughout the day.

7. Group gifts

Maybe someone in the office knows the admin staff better than anyone else or perhaps you all want to pool together to get one big gift. Group gifts are a great way to make sure everyone in the office takes part in showing their appreciation. Get a big card and have everyone write a personal message and big thanks.

8. Personalized presents

Personalized presents are a fun way to show admin appreciation. This can be anything from personalized mugs, mouse pads, or picture frames, to golf balls with their initials for the golf lovers or a book signed by their favorite author. Think about what they love, talk to the rest of the staff to get ideas, and be creative.

9. Take them out for lunch

Taking your admin assistant out for lunch is a really personal way of showing them your appreciation. Let them choose their favorite spot near the office and treat them to a long lunch without rushing them back. If lunch doesn’t work for you that day, you can bring them breakfast or cater lunch for the office instead.

10. A morning at the spa

Instead of having them head straight to the office on Administrative Professionals Day, send them to a local spa and let them have a relaxing morning of massages and facials before starting their workday.

11. Outsource their work

Give them a lighter workload during Admin Appreciation Week and hire a virtual assistant to handle some of their tasks for the week. They work so hard to keep the office running, but shortening their to-do list for the week you’re showing them that you know how much they do.

12. Honor longtime service with a plaque

Have an admin who has been there for a milestone amount of years: five, 10, 15, even 20 years? Honor them by getting a personally engraved plaque to show your appreciation for the commitment they’ve shown over this time.

13. Gift baskets

Is your admin a coffee lover? Get them a basket filled with all types of coffee paraphernalia. Do they love a certain makeup brand, or maybe they’re a complete chocolate fiend? Baskets can be incredibly personal and really show your administrative staff that you pay attention to them and you gifted them with something they can truly enjoy.

14. Arrange a service of their choice

Pay for something like a car tune-up, a phone upgrade, a week’s worth of groceries or a carpet clean. These sort of practical gifts are often overlooked and by speaking to them about something that they have tried to save up for or keep meaning to get done, you are helping make their life a little easier.

15. Tickets to a show

Treat them to tickets to a show that recently opened or to something that you know they’ll love. Get them movie ticket vouchers that they can use on tickets and snacks once they arrive. The gift of an experience, especially one that they can share with their partner or the entire family, is a great way to show your appreciation.

15. Host a party

Have a party with all the employees and administrative staff and celebrate with catered lunch and snacks. Get all of the staff together in one place to show their appreciation for all that the admin do to keep the company running. It’s nice for them to know how many people their role effects and what a positive impact they have on the company as a whole.

16. Give praise

While this isn’t something you should reserve for one day a year, giving your admin staff praise for the work that they do can be an incredible gift. Say thank you. Take the time to tell them exactly why you appreciate them, and give examples of things they’ve done in the past few months that have really helped you and the company. Showing them that you pay attention to even the little things that they do is a huge motivation.

17. Ask them

If you’ve talked to the other staff, you’ve tried to find things that you think they might like, and you still aren’t sure what to get them, ask. Maybe you feel like you’ve already given them everything you think they’ll want or they’re the sort of person that seems impossible to buy for. If you value them and their work and you want to show them just how much, simply ask them how you can make their life a little bit better.

Administrative professionals day

Administrative Professionals Day and Administrative Professionals Week are times for employers and supervisors to show appreciation to their administrative staff. They are great opportunities to let the administrators know how important their role is to the organization.

Administrative Professionals Day took shape when during World War II, there was an increased need for skilled administrators, especially in the United States. During that time the National Secretaries Association was formed. That same organization still exists and is now known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

The first National Secretaries Week was organized in June of 1952. It was thought that by showing appreciation for the administrators, that more people would begin to go down this career path. The Wednesday of that week was known as National Secretaries Day.

This same observance remains today, only it is now celebrated a bit earlier. Administrative Professionals Day falls on the last Wednesday of April each year. That whole week is known as Administrative Professionals Week. These days are observances, not public holidays.

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