Lord Jameson’s dog treats are made with the finest ingredients and a whole lot of love

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Marketing and PR maven Sarah (Schleider) Goldberger, the founder of RUBEE, has a passion project inspired by her adorable dog. Named Lord Jameson, it’s a line of delicious, nourishing dog treats. I spoke with the WeWork Meatpacking member about working with therapy dogs, supporting nonprofits and important causes, studying European chocolatiers, and more.

What inspired you to create Lord Jameson’s artisanal dog treats?

Lord Jameson was inspired by my dog Jameson. He’s a 6-year-old cocker spaniel who became a professional certified therapy dog through The Good Dog Foundation in New York City in 2012. My husband and I went through all the training courses and became his certified handlers. I had been yearning for a way to give back and discovered the organization and immediately got involved. I never could have imagined the powerful emotions that my soul would encounter by watching my beloved dog delicately and sweetly brighten the world of others just by being himself—sharing love and affection for all those around him. I call it his “purpose.” I believe every dog has one—a “purpose,” that is—Jameson’s is clearly to help humans heal from emotional and cognitive stresses. We visit Gilda’s Club, NYU, 80th Street Residence. We recently did some disaster work with the LGBT Center of Manhattan, given the recent tragedy in Orlando.

I wanted to design a brand that would honor the love and devotion dogs have brought to humans for hundreds of years and celebrate the incredible bond they share. What better way to show love and gratitude to a dog than with food? I have been making Jameson’s food for years, including treats, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

Lord Jameson’s Dog Treats Are Made with the Finest Ingredients and a Whole Lot of Love2

Through his volunteer work in the community, I realized there is a need for a luxury collection of all-natural dog treats to express gratitude to dogs throughout the country while giving back. We donate proceeds from the sale of every item back to support service and therapy dog organizations. Full circle.

So, Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie was a perfect way to marry my love for food, giving back, and most importantly, to honor these beloved four-legged creatures.

I know you mentioned there was a “giving back” aspect to the brand—how did you decide on it?

Proceeds from the sale of every single purchase go back to supporting different service and therapy dog associations throughout the country. I’m really looking for the ones that need support most. A lot of retired veterans with high rates of suicide and PTSD—there’s a lot happening with animal sensory therapy to help these vets, being an instrumental part of their healing process. So I’m trying to identify those types of organizations where the need is great and the therapies are highly impactful.

Lord Jameson’s Dog Treats Are Made with the Finest Ingredients and a Whole Lot of Love3

What flavors have you incorporated so far? How are you looking to expand the line in the future?

Coconut is the base of every single recipe, and we use it in some form—it could be dried coconut, coconut oil, coconut water, or even fresh coconut! Coconuts, the way we see them, are a superfruit and miracle nutrition for dogs. It helps with everything from digestion to thyroid function, guards against a lot of viral and bacterial infections, and it’s great for hair, skin, and coat.

We are launching with three flavors: Simply Coconut, Blueberry Bliss, and Pumpkin Delight. We are planning to expand the line this fall and will incorporate a few seasonal flavors for holiday.

The product is handmade by a team of passionate pastry chefs. We use only 100 percent organic ingredients—no artificial flavors, no GMOs, and, of course, it’s gluten, corn, dairy, and preservative-free.

Our treats are gorgeous round balls rolled in shredded coconut. They are raw, soft, and easy to chew—perfect for dogs of any age!

I spent a lot of time in London studying European truffle and chocolate packaging, and the funny thing about London is it’s so dog-friendly, you can bring your dogs into a lot of cafes. It’s a nice reminder that dogs have become such an integral part of the family.

Lord Jameson’s Dog Treats Are Made with the Finest Ingredients and a Whole Lot of Love4

What’s the brand mission?

To create the world’s most extraordinary collection of artisanal dog treats using the finest organic ingredients. Lord Jameson is the new expression of treating dogs—beautiful and fanciful. So humans can eat them and many pet parents do!

We handcraft each treat, drawing on the inspiration of culinary trends. Using the highest quality organic ingredients sourced only in the United States, we creatively curate each flavor into beautiful treats.

When you’re not working, what are some of your favorite ways to relax?

I have two companies—Lord Jameson and RUBEE, which is a boutique marketing and PR agency—so I am always working. I have an incredible team of PR managers throughout the country that supports RUBEE’s clients’ work, so it allows me to be in both places.

Lord Jameson’s Dog Treats Are Made with the Finest Ingredients and a Whole Lot of Love5

I also have a one-and-half-year-old son that keeps me on the move. My early mornings and evenings (basically whenever I am not working) are spent with my three boys— Jameson, my son, and my husband—playing ball, strolling on West Side Highway, grabbing a coffee or glass of vino at our favorite Highline Hotel. I love to cook and experiment with food. Food is a huge part of who I am and an important part of our family. I also enjoy running, yoga, and volunteering with Jameson.

If we wanted to get our paws on these treats, where could we get them?

You can purchase them online beginning August 1. You can also find them on the shelf at specialty retailers throughout the New York metro area such as WantedDesign NYC, The Barking Zoo, Beasty Feast, among others. A full list of locations is on our website.

Photos: Katelyn Perry

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