B12’s robots build your perfect website

In just 60 seconds, this company can make a personalized website

Nitesh Banta has heard all the horror stories.

“People spend years and tens of thousands of dollars building the perfect website for their company,” says Banta, CEO of B12. ‘Then they launch it, only to find there were a bunch of things they did that weren’t right for the customer. By that point, they’re too exhausted to work on it any more.”

Banta wants to change all that. B12 can create the right website for your company in 60 seconds. All you have to do is answer five simple questions about your business and his “friendly robots” will come up with the perfect design.

“There are billions of combinations of websites that we can design for your company,” Banta says. “Do you have a dumpling shop? A law firm? We can build you the perfect website.”

This is human-assisted AI, meaning that a person will help you launch within one business day. From there on out, you’ll get monthly suggestions on how to keep improving your site.

We eliminated all the mechanical and rote tasks so that people can spend their time on the more creative work.

Banta says all companies can benefit from B12, but the “sweet spot” is small- and medium-sized companies. He says they can now take advantage of all the services that used to be available only to big corporations.

“This isn’t a do-it-yourself platform,” Banta says. “What we’ve created is a do-it-for-me model. We’ll get the website set up and running for you, and even help you manage and optimize it.”

B12 is a member at New York City’s WeWork Irving Place (and also available in the WeWork Services Store), which Banta says lets him concentrate 100 percent on his business.

“Ultimately we want to be focused on our customers,” he says. “Being at WeWork means we can do that while still offering a great space for our team.”

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