WeWork’s Alex Seeman takes matters into her own hands

Alex Seeman learned the meaning of teamwork the day she had to scrape gum off the floor.

That particular day was a momentous one: as a community manager at WeWork’s Charging Bull location in New York City, she was in charge of moving in her first new member. She realized too late that she had forgotten to have an office cleaned beforehand. Rather than panic, she grabbed a familiar tool, her WeWork keycard, and got to work.

“My team came to my aid, strongly suggesting that I take a hard look at myself in that moment,” Seeman recalls. “And while this was wildly absurd and completely unnecessary—not to mention rather disgusting— the point is that if you want something to get done, you have to be willing to take matters into your own hands.”

She says that she learned two additional lessons from this experience: “No task should ever be too big or too small,” and “Being a good manager means working for your team.”

Seeman, 23, has worked at WeWork in a variety of jobs for nearly three years. She’s currently based at WeWork HQ in the Fulton Center location, working as product manager for the Space team. This digital team sector builds internal applications used for account management.

Along the way, Seeman has acquired a variety of skills: from event planning to wireframing websites to writing product specs for software development.

“But more important than these individual skills,” Seeman stresses, “being at WeWork has taught me that passion and determination are more valuable than knowledge, that no decision should be made without considering your customer, and that at the end of the day, you’re nothing without your teammates.”

Seeman shows the same enthusiasm in all aspects of her life. She has Type 1 diabetes, and is eager to use her skills to reach out to others.

“That is something that is definitely a part of my life,” she says, “so if I could figure out some way to do that professionally, or do more with it that’s more than a personal passion, to help others, that’s something that is really important to me.”

A native of San Antonio, Seeman admits she’s “a bit of a homebody.” She says one of her habits is to haunt the vegetarian grocery store below her West Village apartment, where she recently moved.

When asked about things that make her happy, Seeman laughs as she considers the question.

“Things that make me happy,” she says. “I should have thought about myself in like a bigger way before you called.”

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