‘You’re not just coming to your job. You feel like home’

At WeWork, refugees say they find the help they need

As World Refugee Week kicks off, WeWork is celebrating refugees and their contributions to communities around the world. WeWork has joined the global effort through a commitment to hire 1,500 refugees over five years.

One person who has already benefited from WeWork’s Refugee Initiative is Mamadou Diallo, who left his home in Guinea because of political unrest. He’s happy to have found a job at WeWork.

“It’s been a long journey, and I have to do a lot,” he says, “but I’m on the road.”

A native of Tibet, Chanda has two small children that depend on her for support. She says joining the team at WeWork has given her financial stability, and has also given her a feeling of family.

“You’re not just coming to your job,” says Chanda. “You feel at home.”

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