A smart office strategy requires smart flexibility

In a hybrid world, your team needs options—and you need the agility to make it happen. We can help your business adapt by providing whatever workspace you need, when and where you need it.* That’s smart flexibility.

Let’s reimagine your workplace strategy

What does a flexible workplace mean for your business?

Find whatever space you need

From a single desk to a full-floor office to call your own—we have space for all the ways your business works.

Be wherever business takes you

Empower teams to be productive anywhere by giving them access to our portfolio of 700+ locations in 38 countries.

Stay agile whenever changes arise

Easily expand your office or move to a different location with flexible terms so your space can grow as you go.

Subject to operating hours, locations and availability.

Smart flexibility in action 

See how our solutions can be tailored to power your hybrid work strategy.

Get space to collaborate

As more teams work remote, make the most of their in-person time together. Our team can help you create workspaces designed for collaboration—ideal for meetings, brainstorms, and presentations.

Decentralize your workspace

Whether you’re switching to a hub-and-spoke office model or rolling out a work-near-home policy, we can bring the workplace closer to your employees through our 700+ convenient locations.

Learn more about smart flexibility

Get information and insights on why the future is flexible.

*subject to operating hours, locations and availability.

*subject to operating hours, locations and availability.