What life can be like outside the cubicle

Follow along as two employees of large companies go through the day, one in a cubicle and one at WeWork

For thousands of employees at enterprise companies, going to the office still means working in a cubicle all day. But the office doesn’t have to be limited to a four-by-four. Follow along as two employees spend a day in the office – one in a cubicle and one at WeWork.

Meet with ease

When having meetings, do you want to do it with teammates on the screen? At WeWork, there are spacious conference rooms where you can brainstorm and collaborate in a socially distanced way.

Goodbye to the sad desk lunch

It’s lunchtime! When eating a salad at your desk, make sure not to get any pieces stuck in your keyboard. Or instead, you can eat with colleagues in the open kitchen area at WeWork.

A room with a view

Having access to light and a good view is great for productivity. In a space with cubicles, look past several of them to get a view out the window. Not so at WeWork, where you can easily work at a desk next to large windows.

Spread out to socialise

You’ll want extra space for socialising at work. Instead of being squeezed into a cubicle, you can enjoy open lounges with plush seating at WeWork.

Enjoy some sun while you’re at it

At the office, you can relive your last holiday by scrolling through photos on the computer. Or, you can work outside in many WeWork locations that have terraces, so you can enjoy some sun even as you work throughout the day. 

Ivan Ehlers is a writer and cartoonist in Los Angeles.

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