Setting up a remote office for the day

Follow along as two people work remotely—one from home, and one using WeWork On Demand at an office

There are many ways to work remotely, some more filled with distraction than others. Most of us can agree that a convenient location is a must. Follow along as two different employees spend the day working away from the company headquarters—one at home, and one using WeWork On Demand at their nearest WeWork building. 

Select the perfect workspace

Illustrations by Ivan Ehlers.

Let’s face it: most of us didn’t prepare a dedicated workspace when we moved into our homes. That leaves us working wherever we can—sometimes in bed. With WeWork On Demand, you can easily book workspace on an app, pay as you go, and settle in at a workspace in a location that’s best for you. Just head over as soon as you’ve grabbed coffee—or better yet, pour a cup for yourself when you get here.

Optimise your environment for productivity

Even dedicated home offices are subject to printers that break, wonky Wi-Fi, and the general messiness that comes from being your own workspace housekeeper. At WeWork, all spaces have high-speed connectivity, regularly maintained office equipment, and a clean desk, sofa, or other workspace just waiting for you. 

Connect with others 

When you need a break from staring at the screen, it can be nice to have an IRL conversation with someone. But when you’re working from home, that someone might just be your cat. WeWork offers the chance to have actual human connections with other WeWork members and people on our team—whether you’re looking to network or just talk about the latest series of your favourite television programme. 

Collaborate effectively

By now we’re all aware of the limitations of videoconferencing: the interruptions, the people always on mute (and the others who really should be), the communication nuances that get lost in 2D. When you’re home, video is your best bet for collaborating with your team. But with WeWork On Demand, you can choose from a variety of collaboration spaces—including conference rooms you can book by the hour.

Find dedicated space, even on the road

When you’re flying into a new city on business, it can lead to a mad scramble to find a place to set up your workspace for your next meeting. That is, unless you’ve consulted the WeWork On Demand app—in which case, you’re never far from a convenient location you can work from while you’re in town. 

Ivan Ehlers is a writer and cartoonist in Los Angeles.

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