Rebekah Neumann

Founding Partner of WeWork, Founder and CEO of WeGrow

Rebekah Neumann is a founding partner and Chief Brand Officer at WeWork, where she has directed the company’s mission, values and culture from its inception. As an artist, entrepreneur, and yogi, Neumann has also worked as an equity trader for Solomon Smith Barnet, gained certification as a Jivamukti yoga teacher and acted in and produced a number of film projects. Neumann majored in Business and studied Buddhism at Cornell University. Mother to five children, she is committed to creating a conscious educational community that fosters growth in children’s minds, bodies and souls, unleashing endless happiness, global citizenship, and every child’s superpowers.


Welcoming Adam Braun to WeGrow

by Rebekah Neumann


WeWork Launching School to ‘Grow Children’s Minds, Hearts, and Spirits’

by Rebekah Neumann