Viewing 3 WeWork buildings in Amsterdam

Co-workingspace in Amsterdam

De flexwerkruimten van WeWork in Amsterdam maken het eenvoudig om je te vestigen in een van de beste Europese steden om een internationaal bedrijf te runnen. Onze aangename ruimten geven leden ideale locaties om de zakelijke kant van deze culturele hoofdstad persoonlijk te ervaren. Als je jezelf wilt onderdompelen in de bedrijvengemeenschap van Amsterdam, word dan lid van WeWork.

Waarom WeWork kiezen voor gedeelde kantoorruimte in Amsterdam?

The inventor of the stock market, Amsterdam was once the biggest trading post in the world. Now, the city is rapidly scaling up into Europe’s startup capital. WeWork is on the scene with coworking spaces in several locations near the center of the city. You’ll be able to take advantage of an open work atmosphere where people enjoy connecting in the ample common spaces, often providing valuable advice and ideas. WeWork’s amenities include all the everyday perks that help clear your head so you can focus on running your business smoothly. You’ll enjoy endless hot coffee, dedicated front desk service, and stylish meeting rooms, but more unique bonuses as well like month-to-month flexibility, help from Community Managers, access to a global network of entrepreneurs, special events, and more. In a city where individual freedom is not only respected, but encouraged, you’ll find the perfect opportunity to blaze your own trail in business at WeWork.