Two different ways to grow your small business

Follow along as one small business owner builds the company alone, and another does it with help from WeWork

Companies of all sizes have one thing in common: They all began as small businesses. Starting small is the corner for those just getting off the ground. Learn about how to make that first hire, deal with all things administrative, and set yourself up for success.

In the early stages of your business, you’re likely filling multiple roles and juggling hiring, client meetings, and paperwork at different times of the day—which leaves less time for strategizing growth. Here’s what it’s like to manage this on your own from your home office, compared with doing it all with WeWork. 

Getting—and staying—up to speed

Illustrations by Ivan Ehlers.

At-home WiFi speed can be spotty and unreliable (and unless you have a generator, a power outage can derail an entire workday). All WeWork locations offer secure, high-speed internet access that will never let you down. There is also a suite of technology solutions that provides members with even more speed and security.

Desks that are just for working

Even the most dedicated home office spaces can get messy when you’re more focused on working than cleaning up after yourself. Overflowing wastebaskets, coffee rings on the desk—it can add up fast. WeWork offers workspaces and tables that are cleaned on a regular basis, so you can focus on growing your business, not managing mess. 

Never drown in paperwork again

For small business owners, the paperwork related to accounting, payroll, insurance, recruiting, and other administrative functions can be overwhelming. Through VensureHR, WeWork members can get connected to a business consultant and human resources tools that can help with these responsibilities and more. 

Acing client meetings 

You know that sinking feeling you get when you realize you’re going to be late to a client meeting at some random public space? At WeWork, the community team is always there to greet guests with a smile (and refreshments), even when you’re running a little behind. What’s more, you can easily book a conference room for private meetings with your team using WeWork On Demand and WeWork All Access

Effortless networking

It’s possible to expand your professional network from home, but it takes energy—especially when you’re doing it in lounge pants, with kids and pets coming in and out of the camera frame. WeWork members can network easily with like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders daily in the common areas of buildings and at WeWork-sponsored events. 

Ivan Ehlers is a writer and cartoonist in Los Angeles.

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