Should I move my business to Buenos Aires?

Traditional industries like agriculture and tourism thrive in Buenos Aires, alongside modern innovations in tech, finance, and design

Brimming with modern-day innovation yet never losing sight of its rich cultural roots, Buenos Aires is primed for success. Traditional industries like agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism are flourishing alongside forward-looking industries like technology and design. For companies looking to launch or expand in South America, the economy there is gaining momentum and this vibrant metropolis is well worth considering. 

The city is among the top 100 cities in the world for quality of living (it’s ranked second in South America)—earning high marks in areas like health, education, and the environment. Plus, more than 2 million tourists descend upon Buenos Aires each year, drawn by its breathtaking architecture, world-class cuisine, and renowned art scene.

Whether you’re starting a business, opening a satellite office, running a mobile team, or seeking dedicated office space to host client meetings, WeWork has a solution to suit your needs in Buenos Aires. Take advantage of flexible, all-inclusive agreements to settle in quickly, then tap into our built-in community to grow your reach in this rapidly growing city.

Opportunity for growth in Buenos Aires

In recent years, Buenos Aires has made great strides toward becoming an economic powerhouse. The local government has invested heavily in entrepreneurship, financing incubator and accelerator programs for startups and creating the Distrito Tecnológico—the city’s technology district, which includes an engineering university and more than 200 businesses. Since 2008, this investment has supported more than 30,000 entrepreneurs and helped create 10,000 jobs.

Several Fortune 500 companies do business in the Argentine capital, including IBM, Microsoft, and Citigroup. For companies looking to expand to the region or hire locally, they’ll find an incredible talent pool fueled by graduates from a selection of internationally recognized universities. For example, Universidad de Buenos Aires in 2019 was ranked 74th in the world and the best university in South America by QS Top Universities.

WeWork Av Libertador 1000  in Buenos Aires.
WeWork Av Libertador 1000 in Buenos Aires.

Finding Buenos Aires office space

Due to Argentina’s ongoing economic recovery and growing tech sector, the demand for office space in Buenos Aires is high, especially for A-class spaces. Costs have risen to meet that demand, and currently stand between $30 and $32 per square meter. While businesses want to take advantage of the city’s financial incentives, local talent, and proximity to the convenience of city life, the up-front costs and inflexibility of commercial leases can present a challenge.

Shared office solutions like WeWork, offering flexible monthly arrangements and all-inclusive amenities, help to mitigate the cost of doing business in Buenos Airesas well as the competition to find the best office space in a tight market. Here are some of WeWork’s best workspace options in Buenos Aires.

Tranquil workspace in Vicente López

Situated along the beautiful banks of the Río de la Plata, Vicente López is a sought-after neighborhood located just outside the official boundaries of Buenos Aires. Rich in natural beauty, this neighborhood borders some of the loveliest residential areas in Buenos Aires. Though it boasts all of the amenities of city living, Vicente López is just removed enough to promote greater serenity and calm.

WeWork Av. Libertador 1000 offers a setting sure to foster creativity and dedication. If you’re just looking for a short-term hot desk, you’ll be delighted by the ample space and natural light in the common area of this workspace. If you opt for a private office instead, you can enjoy a beautifully furnished area you can lock up, decorate, and call your own. 

Stay connected in Microcentro

Also called the Central Business District, Microcentro is Buenos Aires’s historic business center. The picturesque buildings in this neighborhood perfectly represent Argentina’s world-renowned architectural tradition. Home to key government buildings and the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, this neighborhood’s appeal extends far beyond government and finance. Many leading designers, creative artists, and intellectuals have drawn inspiration from this vital, ever-changing area.

Because of its location, WeWork Corrientes 800 is fully connected to the heart of this city’s business sector. Adorned with stately custom wallpaper and marble tabletops, our shared conference rooms are ideal for holding project progress meetings or pitching design ideas to clients. Plus, several bus lines nearby offer easy access to the rest of Buenos Aires.

WeWork Ing. Enrique Butty 275 in Buenos Aires.
WeWork Ing. Enrique Butty 275 in Buenos Aires.

Meet new clients in Retiro

A major transportation hub, Retiro is home to much of the city’s high-end shopping and some of the best-regarded residential zones in Argentina. With its large number of five-star hotels and acclaimed restaurants, Retiro is a neighborhood you can proudly show off to clients.

WeWork Torre Bellini features one of the most visually stunning exteriors in the area. This 25-story structure is completely dedicated to WeWork and the needs of our members. In the building’s peaceful and collaborative environment, there are lounges for networking, conference rooms for brainstorming, and private offices primed for productivity.

Buenos Aires has become a go-to destination for global companies wanting to do business in South America—you’ll find tech startups disrupting industries, and a diverse pool of talent seeking new opportunities. At WeWork, businesses of all sizes can establish themselves and quickly take advantage of everything the dynamic Argentine capital has to offer.

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