Bacardi makes a bold move to better connect with customers

The spirits company partnered with WeWork to create a more dynamic environment for their teams and gain better consumer insights

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The challenge: finding an appropriate office in a trendy neighborhood

Bacardi—the world’s largest privately held spirits company—needed office space in a more vibrant part of Mexico City to better connect with customers and further grow their youthful, energetic brand.

“When you are going through the process of scouting a location, you think: ‘I need to be close to the consumer,’” says Constantino Spas, vice president and managing director of Latin America and Caribbean at Bacardi. “We looked at where most of the young people in Mexico City are spending their time. That gives you a few alternatives.”

But the company soon discovered that the areas where millennials congregated lacked the type of office space that fit their needs. Additionally, most buildings that could accommodate a growing corporate hub weren’t in trendy neighborhoods.

The solution: embracing a bold new space

As Bacardi executives continued their search for the perfect space, word arrived that WeWork was expanding into Latin America by opening office space in Mexico City. It was the perfect fit.

Bacardi moved a team of 40 into a private office at WeWork Varsovia, which features their own conference rooms and executive offices in prime Mexico City real estate. There are even options for Bacardi to seamlessly grow further into their location. The company foresees partnerships with WeWork for their regional teams to work out of additional spaces in Latin America.

“We hit a sweet spot on what was probably a brave decision. It’s not a normal practice for a big, established company to move to a space like WeWork—at least, it wasn’t at that time,” says Spas.

The results: space that encourages growth and customer connection

Bacardi loves that their staff is now among the young entrepreneurs who make their home at WeWork. Their teams are now exposed to new trends and entrepreneurs who resemble their core consumers. “It helps us understand the way our consumers think,” says Spas.

Spas added that with the team traveling so much, flexibility was just as important as location.

“Flexibility is the name of the game for companies like us,” he says. “You may have an idle space when you move to a fixed location, but you have the flexibility for expansion when required.”

Key highlights:

  • Ability to secure prime real estate that positioned Bacardi for success among their core customers
  • Flexible space that supported Bacardi’s budget, scope, and work style
  • Opportunity to grow and scale space when needed
  • Built-in community that inspires entrepreneurship and new ways of thinking

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