Video: Detroit Creator Awards help entrepreneurs follow their dreams

“To be a creator means to live out who I am, my potential,” says entrepreneur Jovan Landry.

Landry’s a triple threat: a filmmaker, photographer, and emcee. Her dream is to create an all-woman hip-hop album. She’s not just talking the performers — every sound technician, graphic designer, and musician will be a woman.

That groundbreaking idea caught the imagination of the judges at the Detroit Creator Awards, where she took home $36,000 to help her fund her dream. She’s one of 18 entrepreneurs who won at the event, one of a series sponsored by WeWork.

Another winner was Grace Hsia, whose company Warmilu created a new kind of wrap to help premature babies maintain their body temperature.

In total, the coworking company will give out $2 million to people launching or scaling a company, as well as those who have a great idea they want to launch.

Photo by Katelyn Perry

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