This lingerie marketing expert lifts bust lines and spirits

Women have long had issues with their bodies. And with the way society casts the ideal woman—tall, thin, large bust (hello, Barbie)—it’s easy to see why.

But obviously not all women are built alike, and it can be hard to compare to what is splashed over the Internet and on magazines.

Luckily, that’s where Kim Caldwell—or Kimmay, as her friends call her—comes in.

She is the founder of the lingerie marketing company Hurray Media, uplifting not only women’s bust lines, but also their spirits.

This Lingerie Marketing Expert Uplifts Bust Lines and Spirits2

Growing up near Rochester, New York, Caldwell moved to New York City in 2003 to study musical theater at Marymount Manhattan College. But musical riffs weren’t the only thing in her future. After a brief stint as a shoe saleswoman, she began working at Linda’s, a popular bra fitting shop. It was there, at just 20 years old, that she discovered the power of the bra.

“When you’re wearing a bra that fits well and feels great, you can open up, walk tall, and lead with your heart,” says Caldwell. “I truly believe that wearing the right undergarments sets up a woman for personal and professional success.”

And after working for other big-name contenders including Saks Fifth Avenue and La Perla, she felt it was time to start her own lingerie marketing company Hurray Media.

This Lingerie Marketing Expert Uplifts Bust Lines and Spirits3

Stemming from her blog, Hurray Kimmay, her company has grown into a major “website destination for women,” giving ladies a place to learn about their bodies, and more importantly, appreciate them.

“I realized that talking negatively to my body was not just a waste of time, but very damaging,” says the WeWork Studio Square member. “I started my own journey of having a loving relationship with my body, and it’s my hope that Hurray Kimmay will help other women do the same.”

Hurray Media is anything but your average lingerie company. It’s about empowering women, allowing them to shine “inside, outside, and underneath.” The bra fittings that Caldwell does? Well, those are simply icing on the cake.

“Once she is in the fitting room with me, that’s where I really deliver gold,” says Caldwell. “I help her change the conversation she’s having with her body, and help her ignore the number and letter attached to the bra. I help her walk tall, lead with her heart, and say hurray. We talk about more than just how the bra fits. We discuss how she feels as a woman.”

She doesn’t just work her magic in the fitting room. Caldwell currently partners with The WILD Woman Project as a Wild Woman Circle Leader, hosting social events every month around the new moon. “We gather around and check in with each other, we pull goddess cards, we visualize, we share,” she explains.

They don’t call her the “Boob Shaman” for nothing.

This Lingerie Marketing Expert Uplifts Bust Lines and Spirits4

Photos: Katelyn Perry

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