How WeWork powers the new world of work

WeWork is helping the world’s largest companies attract talent, innovate better, and perform with more agility

A global-growth startup expanding from San Francisco to Sydney at breakneck pace. An autonomous-vehicle innovator leading the way to a better future in Shanghai. A health-care giant reimagining their culture to reinvent wellness in Seoul. An enterprise tech leader in New York City connecting the world at work in a whole new way to inspire collaboration.

These companies have a few things in common. They’re not letting the status quo slow their progress. They’re leading with action. They’re building a better future for their customers and their employees. And WeWork is with them every step of the way.

By providing the space, services, and community that businesses need to thrive, WeWork empowers them to focus on what matters most—their people and their purpose. Today WeWork can offer growing businesses and global enterprise access to a desk, a private office, a custom-designed headquarters, or an entire building in hundreds of cities around the world.

More than a third of the Fortune 500 are WeWork members, and with a global community of over 400,000 members working across 425 locations in 100 cities around the world, these businesses are leading the revolution at work.

In partnership with economic consulting and research firm HR&A Advisors, we released our first Global Impact Report to measure our members’ impact and the value WeWork creates for people and businesses, neighborhoods, and cities around the world.

So why are the world’s most successful and innovative businesses joining this movement? It’s about attracting the best talent, global access and flexibility, and being part of a community and culture that helps businesses accelerate growth, innovation, and impact.

Attract and retain the world’s best talent

WeWork’s global scale and dynamic approach to real estate gives our enterprise members the power to establish thriving workplaces where the top talent is, and where they want to be.

Our enterprise members can…

In a recent study of WeWork members published in the Harvard Business Review, more than half of members surveyed viewed the location of their WeWork office as a benefit.

TripActions: accessing a world of talent

TripActions is using technology to change the way we travel for work. In order to support their customers no matter where their journeys take them, TripActions needed to find great local talent around the world—fast. With WeWork’s help, they were able to grow their employees 10-fold—from 40 to 400—in five markets around the world in one year.

“WeWork has enabled us to hire great talent that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to,” says chief people officer Leslie Kurkjian Crowe. “Instead of being siloed in our Palo Alto headquarters, we now recruit the very best talent in cities all over the globe.”

TripActions’ workspace at WeWork 44 Montgomery St in San Francisco. Photograph by Helynn Ospina

Make global expansion easy

WeWork is helping companies expand their global footprint, allowing them to scale into new markets with speed and flexibility while providing their teams an amazing work experience and community from Beijing to Bangalore, Bogotá to Brisbane.

Slack: space to create the future

Slack, the workplace-collaboration tool, is transforming the way we communicate at work, making the workplace more open, connected, and authentic.

Julie Maresca, director of large enterprise sales at Slack—which partnered with WeWork to build its workspace in New York—recalls the early days of the relationship.

“We were growing very quickly, and WeWork moved really fast to find and build out this space and make sure it was capturing all the essence of Slack’s culture,” she says. “WeWork creates a home-like feel here at work, and people love that. It allows us to shift quickly into work mode, but still get that energy—that warm, inviting vibe that we would have in our home lives.”

Slack’s custom workspace. Photograph by Katelyn Perry/The We Company
Slack's custom workspace. Photograph by Katelyn Perry/The We Company

Foster innovation and productivity

As the pace of change accelerates, creating the right environment for connection, collaboration, and innovation is critical. WeWork provides the space, technology, and services for people to come together in novel ways to solve their biggest challenges.

Nio Life: space that moves life forward

Nio—a global electric and autonomous vehicle company with offices at WeWork One ITC in Shanghai—builds vehicles that improve the lives of consumers and the health of the planet. “Nio… has grown rapidly over the last four years,” says Jili Liu, head of Nio Life. “To meet our need for mobility between offices and for cross-functional collaboration, WeWork designed a custom open-plan office space for us with a retail showroom and a recording studio. It’s great for internal collaboration. WeWork’s design encourages spontaneous interaction between their members, who come from a variety of professional backgrounds. At WeWork, small businesses can grow quickly, and big business can be inspired by new ideas.”

Nio’s workspace at WeWork One ITC in Shanghai.

Be more efficient: for your business, your people and the planet

The real-estate sector has a Goldilocks problem: The average lease term is 10-15 years, while employee-planning cycles are around three. This leaves most companies with either too much space—turning their offices into expensive and wasteful “ghost towns” with low engagement levels—or too little space, leaving employees cramped and overcrowded, resulting in unhappy employees and lost productivity.

WeWork is 2.5 times more efficient with space than a typical office, freeing up room for new people, businesses, and jobs. WeWork’s efficient use of space is paying off for the planet, too: Increased efficiency of real estate can reduce a city’s carbon footprint and enable people to work closer to public transit, unlocking space in neighborhoods without requiring additional construction. WeWork is eliminating the need for the renovation of about 68 million square feet of commercial real estate globally.

GE Healthcare: space that fits just right

GE Healthcare is a $19 billion business that specializes in medical imaging, biomanufacturing, and cell and gene therapy technologies. In Seoul, GE Healthcare had an abundance of underused office space, resulting in wasted spend. The team saw an opportunity to optimize their portfolio and looked to WeWork as a strategic partner who could save them a significant amount of money while reinvigorating their employees.

We achieved a cost-saving… for GE while achieving cultural transformation to collaborate better together,” says Francis Van Parys, president and CEO of GE Healthcare Korea. “Before, we managed infrastructures, landlords, utilities. Now we have one partner with whom we work and with whom we can expand if we need to.”

GE Healthcare employees at their new Seoul headquarters.

Whether you’re looking to attract potential hires, expand into high-growth markets, or be more innovative, the right workspace can be a powerful driver for business success. At WeWork, we’re helping our enterprise members unleash the power of work.

Learn more about WeWork’s Global Impact Report.

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