Why freelancers are better for your bottom line

One of the best moments of a self-employed person’s life is the day they can scale their business.

But there are always pros and cons in a situation like this.

When you’re so overwhelmed that you’re doing the work of two (or more) people, you feel the need to hire someone right away. But sometimes you wonder if it’s worth the time and energy to explain your business, projects, client relationships, and responsibilities to a new hire. And what if your new helper turns out to be a hindrance? You may find yourself back at square one or behind schedule.

So the question remains: Should you hire a part or full-time employee or a freelancer? Yes, an employee is an exciting addition to any business, but a freelancer can be a great investment. Here are a few reasons why:

1.    Less investment

The costs associated with hiring a new employee can get expensive, especially when you’re a one-person company. When it’s your first employee, you’re not only navigating costs in time and money, you’re creating an entire onboarding process from scratch. When you hire a freelancer, you don’t need to file employment paperwork, create an onboarding program, or explain more than the project (or projects) at hand.

 2.    High Quality Work

Freelancers want clients who will assign them relevant projects when they crop up. So you’ll find that many will go above and beyond in their performance to make sure assignments keep rolling in. Another important aspect to hiring freelancers is that they’re constantly learning and improving their skills because they’re usually working on multiple projects with other clients. The training they receive on these jobs will benefit your company in return when they submit quality work.

3.    Flexibility

If there’s a change in your project or business plan, it’s much easier to find freelancers who will match your needs. Many freelancers have the ability to pivot quickly because they’ve cultivated a variety of skill sets by working on multiple projects. These skills make freelancers a “one-stop” shop for many small businesses that need helpers with multiple skills. For instance, freelance copywriters will likely be familiar with SEO, basic graphic design, and CMS management. This flexibility will definitely come in handy when you’re a new business.

Do you think a team of freelancers can help you grow your business, or are you still thinking of hiring an employee?

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