Expert Advice: Fashion blogger Rebecca Laurey’s four ways to build your brand

When done right, a fashion blog has just the right amount of edge, sass, and knowledge that it appears effortless. But there’s definitely an art to blogging about what you love and putting it on display for the whole universe to see. Digital nomad, fashion world veteran, and Instagram queen Rebecca Laurey, a WeWork Metropool member, shares her best tips on how to build a personal brand from scratch.

Leave your fears behind. Though fully immersed in the fashion world through organizing fairs and store openings, Laurey longed to be on the creative side where she could focus on styling and photography. A helpful friend introduced her to the “blogging scene,” but Laurey said, “This is way too scary. I’m afraid to put myself out there. It’s the Internet, and what I say is never going to go away.” The friend then told her, “You don’t have to do this forever. It’s just a side project. You can quit at any point if you don’t love it.” Turns out Laurey did love blogging. She discovered she enjoys sharing her story about how she chooses to wear what she wears in the way that she does.

Expert Advice- Fashion Blogger Rebecca Laurey’s 4 Ways to Build Your Brand2

Get out and meet people. Laurey meets with people from all types of backgrounds and walks of life, from PR and fashion to hotel and travel. One common thread she finds through all of her encounters is people are kind and willing to help make your life easier. This inspires her to stay engaged in people’s lives and connect with them outside of business purposes. “I met this guy who runs his own travel agency,” Laurey says. “I was talking to him about going to Namibia in southern Africa with my husband. The guy gave me immediate tips on when I should travel, what companies I can meet there, and what I should and shouldn’t do while out there.”

Expert Advice- Fashion Blogger Rebecca Laurey’s 4 Ways to Build Your Brand3

Travel. “My blog brings me all over the globe,” Laurey says. “No two places are the same. If you take a flight 40 minutes anywhere in Europe, you’re in a completely different place. Traveling makes you very rich in terms of getting to know so many different people and places. I work with different fashion brands, and it helps me dress the part. The clothes I wear in New York are different from the clothes I wear in Europe.”

Work with different companies. “Working with a lot of different companies teaches me how I should run my own company and opens up doors to unforeseen opportunities,” Laurey says. “I was at this meeting in London with Net-a-Porter a few weeks ago, and I mentioned that my followers are asking me about doing more hair and beauty product reviews. I was ranting about what I was doing and the vision I had. They were excited about me thinking about doing beauty, and on the spot, they asked if I want to write for them. Net-a-Porter is like the Holy Grail for fashion bloggers. It’s something I never thought I would do, so it’s super exciting.”

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