Things you need in your bag so you can study anywhere

Some tips for the busy student on the go

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If you’re a girl on the go, there are a few essentials you need so you can get to work whenever and wherever. And with the uncertainty that characterizes this year, you need to be more prepared than ever. Joining a reliable, accessible workspace like WeWork is so valuable in keeping you on task in today’s climate. Below are some of the things we’re bringing. These items will keep you organized and fueled-up for ultimate productivity.


  1. We stan backpacks because they are so easy to keep organized and are much easier to carry. Back problems, who?!
  2. Use a small cross-body bag or a cute pencil case to conceal your must-have toiletries, like concealer, a toothbrush, and tampons.
  3. A tote bag is one of the sleekest ways to carry a laptop. Choose one with exterior pockets so you can avoid items getting “lost” at the bottom of your bag.


  1. Adding an apple or orange to your bag is a smart snack to power your productivity with natural sugars.
  2. A granola bar is an easy way to fuel up during a busy day of work or study. If you’re a WeWork member, pair it with a cup of their free hot coffee!

Desk supplies

  1. Post-it notes are a great way to organize your to-dos at any desk space. Placing Post-its on the table around your desk can help you stay on track for what you need to accomplish.
  2. Even though most of your work is probably done on a laptop, making a to-do list in an old-fashioned notebook is a great way to take a break from your screen time.
  3. Especially if you’re working at an outdoor coffee shop or a coworking space, don’t forget your noise-canceling headphones for taking calls and listening to your favorite study playlist.

Other essentials

  1. Even if you’re working outside, always remember to bring a mask!
  2. Opting for a hand sanitizer on a keychain is a great way to make sure you never leave home without this necessity.
  3. If you’re a member of a coworking space, don’t forget your pass! WeWork is a great option, with hundreds of locations where you can work and study away from distractions this semester. Interested in checking it out? New members are eligible for a free one-month trial here.

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