Holiday gift ideas for employees

Everyone likes it when they get extra money or bonuses for the holidays. Bonuses even boost employee productivity and morale. Even inexpensive gifts for your employees can show you’re thinking about them during the holidays.

Gifts for coworkers

A gift card is a great way to show you’re thinking about an employee without worrying that he or she won’t like your gift. Before you buy gift cards, ask coworkers in the same department what their interests are. That way, you’ll be sure to find a great gift for every employee.

Potted plants

Placing a potted plant near your desk can reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve your indoor air quality. Many plants are very pretty, and they don’t need much sunlight or care. If some of your employees love plants, get them a bonsai tree, aloe vera plant, money tree, or one of the many other plants suited to an office environment.

Coffee mugs

Every office worker needs a mug. Even people who don’t drink coffee or tea can use them for orange juice or soft drinks. If you have employees who have been using the same old mug for years, get them a new one. Buying mugs with custom images or text is easy, so you can get all your employees mugs with group pictures of your team. Throw in some coffee for an extra gift.


A backpack is a perfect gift for people who travel every day. If your employee has a laptop, go to an office supply store and get a backpack with protective padding that will work as a laptop case.

Gift ideas for the DIY employee

For the DIY set

If someone in your office who has a passion for fixing, modifying, or building things, buy him or her a new toy or upgrade to their existing tools and equipment. If the DIYer in your office keeps forgetting where he or she placed certain tools, get him or her a toolbox. Some toolboxes come with many useful tools, so you might want to get one for the office and one for your employee to take home.

Water bottle

Gifting on a Swell bottle or another attractive water bottle can make an employee’s day, and give them something they’ll use every day. If you have an employee who loves juices or protein shakes instead of coffee, get him or her a water or juice bottle with a built-in blender.

Passport wallet

A passport wallet keeps the passport, along with money, credit cards, and other essential documents, in one convenient place. It helps keep you from misplacing these items and lets you have easy access to them. For even better protection, get your travel-loving employee a passport wallet with an RFID or Radio Frequency Identification shield. That way, thieves won’t be able to read your credit cards or passport without your consent.

A tripod or camera bag

If the same person is always taking office photos and has a sweet DSLR, get him or her a tripod or a camera bag to make photos even easier. A tripod will make pictures less blurry, and a camera bag will help them protect their photography gear. It also provides a convenient place to store and carry all their equipment. Camera bags come in fanny packs, backpacks, or shoulder bags; and you can choose from several different sizes.

Smartphone camera lens kit

Today, smartphones are the most popular cameras, but they’re still catching up with more traditional cameras in picture quality. Fortunately, they’re improving quickly, and you can already get interchangeable lenses for smartphones that are smaller and cheaper than the lenses for regular cameras.

They usually come in a bundle with several different lenses, and some brands even come with a tripod. Just make sure you know what type of phone your employee has. Almost all lens kits are compatible with all smartphones, so you won’t have to worry about your employee having the wrong type of smartphone for the lens kit.


If an employee has a gym or workout routine, then he or she will like one of these gifts, especially if they’ve been talking about getting in shape. Smartwatches monitor your heart rate and other metrics such as walking and running. This motivates you to go farther and faster. Smartphones have fitness tracking apps as well but carrying a phone while running in leggings with no pockets is really awkward. If you buy a smartwatch, make sure you know what type of phone your employee uses, so it’s compatible.

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