Astrologer Susan Miller shares her 2020 forecast for your career

Shifts in thinking, creativity, and public discussion are coming, the AstrologyZone creator says

Millions of readers flock to each month to learn what the stars have in mind for them in the ensuing days and weeks—and dozens of people did the same at a recent WeWork Now event in New York City with famed astrologist Susan Miller. 

Miller, who has been an astrologist for nearly 25 years, learned her craft from her mother, another stargazer. An accident in Miller’s early teen years led to temporary paralysis, extensive surgeries, rehabilitation, and the constant uncertainty about her ability to walk again. That concern, in turn, led to a personal interest in astrology and 12 years of study under her mother, who “finally relented” in teaching her the craft. 

As someone who sought answers to major life-defining questions from a young age, Miller understands the draw that horoscopes and astrology can have. Still, she urged the WeWork Now audience to be active participants in their own existences rather than wait passively for portents from the heavens.

“It’s so funny when people say, ‘Well, nothing happened.’ I say, ‘Well, did you leave the house?’” she related. “Astrology is not destiny. You have to do something. You have to take a chance. You have to try.”

Before a spirited Q&A session in which she addressed money concerns, love triangles, and quarter-life crises, Miller gave a rundown of major celestial activity happening now through the end of 2020. Her talk ranged from the impact of dreaded eclipses to fortuitous alignments on our lives, with a particular emphasis on work so that others could arm themselves with information (however distant). 

Ahead, read on for some of the major astrological activity ahead and what it means for you and your work.

Jupiter in Capricorn

On Dec. 2, 2019, Jupiter will enter Capricorn for the first time since 2008, boding well for the ram and its fellow earth signs Taurus and Virgo. 

“If you’re an earth sign, you’re sitting pretty next year,” Miller says. “It’s about time because they’ve been through the meat grinder, but the universe is making a correction.” 

Capricorn, a “celestial favorite” of 2020, will see its talents with money come into play. Those in Caps’ employ would do well to appeal to their managers’ pragmatic nature, pointing out the business cases for ideas and backing up those details with stats. 

“If you’re meeting with a Capricorn, you have to be very ‘Just the facts, ma’am.’ They don’t want the vision; they just want a deadline or a budget or how many crew members you need, so start with that,” Miller says. “They are interested in the idea—but they’re also interested in the money it’ll cost, so you have to be realistic.”

Mars goes retrograde

Mars goes retrograde from September 9 to November 13, 2020—and Mercury follows suit right after—meaning any new commitments you make could face an uphill battle. 

“Mars [typically] takes two days to go one degree, [but] when he’s retrograde, he takes 12 days—that’s why you feel like you’re stuck in glue,” Miller says. “You don’t want to do important things when Mars is retrograde.” 

The caveat: Retrogrades are excellent times to go back to existing things, so if you pitched an old idea that was well received but never took off (lack of funding, for example), the upcoming retrograde would be a good time to revisit it. 

“Take it off the shelf, dust it off, and say, ‘Let’s see if we can make a go of it now,’” Miller suggests. “If you’re in sales, go back to old clients. Thank them! Take them to lunch. They believe in you—and sometimes you can think of new things to do together.”

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto convene

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will be a package deal in Aquarius from March to December 2020. The grouping is a hallmark occasion, as Jupiter and Saturn only met in earth signs over the past 200 years. 

“Now, for the next 200 years, [they’re] going to be in air signs—Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra,” Miller says. “We’re standing at the precipice between the old and the new: the true Age of Aquarius.” The shift portends an evolution in thinking, advancement, creativity, and public discussion—so dust off your bold-thinking cap.

Judith Ohikuare is a freelance writer and the development manager at NY Writers Coalition, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that provides free creative-writing workshops for underserved communities in New York City. She previously worked at Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, and Inc., and served as an editorial fellow at The Atlantic.

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