11 social and tech events for the up-and-coming entrepreneur

New York City is made for entrepreneurs. It’s a treasure chest of creativity and successful businesses (not to mention Silicon Alley!) and a perfect launching pad for your ideas to become a reality.

Although finding the right people, places, and events can feel overwhelming when scouring all this awesome city has to offer, I’ve compiled a list of 11 events happening soon in NYC that will help jumpstart your next social or tech venture.

  1. Entrepreneurs Roundtable 72 (July 24): Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (a program that offers mentors, hands-on help, and a collaborative environment) presents Roundtable 72 and speaker Marc Michel. Michel, of Metamorphic Ventures, will be speaking about his experience for free if you’re actively working at a startup.
  2. Office Hours with IBM Watson (July 25): The Watson Ecosystem delivers a channel for developers and content providers to collaborate and create cognitive apps. Revert back to your college years during professor’s office hours and ask some of the biggest tech experts questions at this meet and greet.
  3. Startup Weekend: Social Impact Edition (July 25-27): Learn the basics of launching successful ventures by creating teams and implementing business models. Practice creation, coding, market validation, and design during this 54-hour frenzy! Participants will brush up on their startup skills by working to found companies in order to solve a social problem. Meet someone new, learn a new skill, or find a co-founder or team member—regardless of what materializes, you’ll feel better prepared to navigate the excitingly chaotic world of startups and entrepreneurship.
  4. NY Visual Exploration Meet-Up (July 30): Featuring demos and discussions of visual exploration companies, websites, and tools, this meet-up allows attendees to network, engage in a Q&A, watch live demos, vote, and listen to speakers.
  5. Startup Box Grand Opening (August 2): Support the launch of Startup Box in South Bronx—a new social enterprise that is meant to increase ways for community members to join the growing tech economy. The SBSQ project was created by Nate Altschul (former director of games development at Nickelodeon) and Majora Carter (a MacArthur ‘genius’ fellow and Peabody Award-winning radio broadcaster).
  6. CoFoundersLab Matchup NYC (August 7): Meant to complement the online matchmaking platform CoFoundersLab.com, this in-person event brings together entrepreneurs searching for co-founders and those looking to join a startup as a core team member.
  7. Affiliate Summit East (August 10-12): An affiliate marketing conference founded in 2003, Summit East provides educational sessions on industry trends, and a productive networking environment. Learn more about the event here!
  8. Disruptive Technologies: Internet of Things Panel (August 25): Be prepared to discuss connecting smart objects over the Internet! Attendees will learn about why sensors, cloud infrastructure, and data have revolutionized the Internet as we know it—and what should matter most to you in the Internet of Things.
  9. Media Technology Summit (October 23): Come together with innovators, investors, and global trailblazers. Learn about the connection between mobile, advertising, social media, big data, and consumer engagement. Find out about whom you can connect with at the event here!
  10. Roadmap to Entrepreneurship (November 8-9): A crash course for CEOs who need to learn the basics when it comes to successfully launching their company. Serial entrepreneur and startup veteran, Andrew Weinrich, offers a huge breadth of educational opportunities to get you well on your way to successful entrepreneurship.
  11. Incite Summit (November 12-13): Pick the brains of chief marketing officers from some of the biggest brands around: Cisco, Old Navy, Patagonia, Time Warner Global, Verizon, and more. On November 12-13, you can learn all about storytelling, promoting word of mouth, and content marketing. Learn everything you’ll need to know about branding and PR from the pros.
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