I meet a lot of entrepreneurs creating their very first venture. My job is to listen to them, to understand their business, and ultimately, to connect them with the right people who can help them succeed. During these conversations, I get to see entrepreneurs’ eyes light up when they talk about how they came up […]

Jenna Menking, founder of Black Sheep Social Media Group, teamed up with us to share four key social media strategy tips. While we all use networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily, Menking says a majority of us aren’t using them effectively. The key, Jenna explained, is to establish a meaningful, interactive connection. Social media is your calling […]

In a former life, Caseflex founder Rich Lee worked in digital IP, representing the publishers that sued Google for scanning books. That was back in 2011 — when Caseflex wasn’t even a company, yet. Lee says he “knew from the beginning” that leaving his job behind was something he had to do: I left two years ago with some ideas […]

David Vainchenker, the co-founder of Corre Group, tells us his secret to success: wear many hats.

Since moving to New York City eight months ago from Minnesota, I’ve built a strong and reliable network in NYC’s startup world. It’s been a whirlwind of fortuitous experiences — so much so that many people I meet are surprised by how quickly I’ve made my way into the belly of the tech and startup […]

Before you start building the next big thing, ask potential users one simple question: “Do you want it?” I know, it sounds simple, but I can’t tell you the number of people who waste time building without hearing a resounding “yes” first. I’ve been that person in the past, too. I get it, you’re afraid […]

Continuing his talk on social media, building a businesses and life, Gary Vaynerchuk opened up for a Q&A and discussed his love for “the climb,” Vine and venture capital. Be sure to watch the first half of this video here.

One thing that people don’t know about me is that I played lacrosse for 18 years, and coached for 15 of them. Coached all kinds of players from 3rd grade to college; even spent a year coaching women (which is an unsurprisingly unique experience). As I started companies, it was easy to believe that as […]

Nearly every entrepreneur stumbles through their first few pitches — it’s a fact of life. Simply put, the process of putting yourself in the spotlight and convincing an audience to believe in you can be incredibly difficult, and feel entirely unnatural. Over time, after you’ve stumbled and honed your skills, you’ll find that pitching becomes increasingly easier. Now, […]

Sense Health founder Stan Berkow shares the best advice he received when pivoting between startup ideas.

Created by Renato Valdes Olmos of Cardcloud and Paul Veugen of Usabilla, Human is a newly-launched fitness app that makes sure you move at least 30 minutes a day, every day. There are countless fitness apps already competing for your attention, but Human takes a uniquely accessible approach. According to Olmos: While everyone else is diving into stats, we try to keep everything […]

Speaking at WeWork Summer Camp 2013, Alexis Ohanian reflected on his time with Reddit, Hipmunk, and Breadpig to highlight the beauty of not knowing what you’re doing. On that note, Ohanian’s first book, Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed, is available for pre-order.

Luxury Service Market Trends If you’re looking to build a successful company, you’ll want to create something that solves a real problem. And if you do it right, you may even improve the lives of your users (while simultaneously bringing in as much cash as possible). This concept is far from new; it’s the backbone […]

We sat down with Lee Hnetinka, the founder of on-demand personal assistant service WunWun, to hear his thoughts on staying motivated and the importance of making tough decisions.

Sarah Paiji, the cofounder of the recently acquired location-based shopping app Snapette, shares her advice to young entrepreneurs: never let small tasks keep you from focusing on the big picture.

Delve CTO and cofounder Thomas Weingarten shares his thoughts on embracing failure and learning from it.

We held an event last night with our friends at Turnstone titled “Fail Smart: Mistakes to Learn From” that focused on learning from failure and talking about our experiences as entrepreneurs. While I admittedly didn’t contribute much to the evening’s conversation, I haven’t stopped thinking about the topic and thought it might be more productive to write […]

PR isn’t an elixir Many startups plow crazy sums of cash into ensuring they get covered by the top media outlets. In some cases, particularly with early stage startups, every cent of a marketing budget goes on PR. As someone who manages a PR firm, you might be surprised to learn I consider this a […]