How to find a hot desk in Paris

Hot desks are used by entrepreneurs and established companies alike in Paris—all with the aim of increasing productivity and driving community

History, art, romance, and Gallic tradition all coalesce in Paris, but the city is driven by modernity, too. Startup initiatives are thriving in Paris, which has ushered in new styles of working; hot desks, coworking spaces, shared offices, and remote employment are steadily gaining popularity as Parisian businesses launch themselves into the future. 

Hot desks are used by entrepreneurs and established companies alike in Paris—all with the aim of increasing productivity. No longer is working in a single office a necessity, and business owners are utilizing hot desks as a way to hire remotely and keep employees productive as they travel. For those working for themselves, hot-desking provides the perks of office space—printers, amenities, meeting rooms, etc.—without the costs typically associated with leasing a traditional workspace.

WeWork’s hot-desk locations across Paris mirror the vibrancy of the surrounding streets. Custom art, beautiful designs, bright colors, and tranquil environments pay homage to the city’s past, and create an inspiring, energizing backdrop for your workday. Plus, flexible agreements and built-in community make settling in easy. 

Here are five incredible hot-desking locations in Paris, buildings that will help you tap into your creativity and make your own success.

Hot-desking in the fashion industry

The Golden Triangle, located in Paris’s 8th district, is teeming with high-end boutiques and fashion houses. These are found alongside a number of the city’s most iconic sites, making this neighborhood an ideal landing spot for fashion-forward creative types. This part of town is also where the rich and famous like to hang out; if you need to network, this is the place to do it. Since the unemployment rate here is 8.6 percent, among the lowest in the city, the 8th arrondissement is abuzz with talent.

WeWork 92 Av des Champs-Élysées is a draw for professionals of every stripe. Big, beautiful windows give the building a high-end look (perfect for meeting new clients) while elegant leather sofas and long collaborative tables provide plenty of opportunity for connection. The functional outdoor area adds to the appeal. If you’re looking to work in a place that’s dressed to impress, this location will deliver. 

WeWork 92 Av des Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Hot-desking in ancient Paris

The streets of Marais almost transport you to another era, with sweet cobblestones and beautiful architecture. If you work in an industry requiring creativity, or if you’re someone who finds inspiration in their surroundings, the Marais neighborhood will drive you to productivity. 

To find office space in this prestigious area without the cost or commitment of long-term leases, WeWork Coeur Marais offers hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices. Brimming with companies in the private sector, this location has cozy working nooks that are wonderful for client meetings and brainstorming with your stakeholders.

Hot-desking for inspiration

With neighbors like Musée de la Vie Romantique and Palais Garnier, the 9th district offers fresh inspiration around every corner. You’ll want to consider this area if your work includes anything artistic—from graphic design and web UX to fine arts and copywriting. 

At the center of the 9th, WeWork 37 Av Trudaine boasts a ceiling that doubles as a work of art with its glass inlays and breathtaking design. The space is dotted with prints of famous works from artists like van Gogh and Seurat. And a fabulous blend of contemporary styling and relaxed materials makes settling in seamless. 

Hot-desking in Paris on a budget

If your budget is somewhat restricted, then consider hot-desking in the Rive Gauche district. Featuring old-time elegance and plenty of peace and quiet, this Paris district is ideal for those who need to be in their heads to do their jobs; freelancers, IT professionals, and graphic designers unite in the Rive Gauche area.

Here, WeWork 198 Av de France is youthful and vibrant with pops of color and an abundance of natural light. With nine floors of thoughtfully designed workspace, it’s easy to find your spot and stay productive at this location. Plus, onsite parking adds to the convenience. 

Hot-desking in Paris is a flexible, affordable way to stay productive whether you’re working for a team or hiring remotely. At WeWork, hot-desk agreements come with access to modern amenities and a built-in community—perfect for making your mark in Paris and beyond.

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