How a digital-first fashion company tackled their space restraints

Amaro turned to WeWork for a customized new headquarters when they outgrew their space

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The challenge: bringing together disparate teams to foster innovation and collaboration

Amaro is one of Brazil’s first digitally native fashion and technology companies. They use technology for every step of the consumer’s retail journey, from designing to delivering products. After growing quickly for four years, Amaro found themselves in a place familiar to many rapidly expanding firms: The space they were in couldn’t keep up with how fast they were growing.

Employees were split between various rooms in two different buildings in São Paulo. It was a less than ideal situation: People from different teams couldn’t easily schedule in-person meetings or organically encounter each other in the hallways. It was difficult to exchange ideas and to implement the best new ones. 

For a company that places a huge emphasis on innovation, Amaro found that their real estate was holding them back. They needed a better solution—a space that would allow employees to work together efficiently, and one that could grow according to the company’s needs. 

The solution: a branded, open space tailored to the company

Amaro turned to WeWork to design and build their new headquarters. They wanted a space that could comfortably accommodate all their employees, while showcasing their forward-thinking culture.

Amaro’s space features the company’s logo and branding throughout. Custom artwork captures the company’s spirit of creative collaboration. Amaro’s 170 employees have plenty of space to spread out in the 95,210-square-foot office, which has open meeting spaces with couches along floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as desks. 

“By collaborating with WeWork, not only were we able to create a truly cool office with great design that helps us collaborate, but also develop an office that exemplifies Amaro’s brand and culture,” says Lodovico Brioschi, cofounder, CFO, and COO of Amaro.

The result: previously isolated teams can now innovate together everyday

Amaro’s new headquarters provides all employees with the space, light, and decor to do inspired work. It’s the exact amount of space the company currently needs, and can expand upon, both in Brazil and internationally, as the company continues to grow. 

“We love how much flexibility companies can have from a concept like the one WeWork brought to us,” says Brioschi. 

An added benefit is not having to worry about the facilities or building operations, since WeWork takes care of them. That allows Amaro’s leadership to focus on servicing their customers and building the business. 

“My team and I don’t worry anymore about solving [office] problems every day because we know we can count on this infrastructure that helps us do our best work,” says Brioschi. “Amaro expects to grow with WeWork in Brazil and throughout the world in the coming years.” 

Key highlights

  • Custom-designed headquarters to reflect Amaro’s company culture and promote cross-functional collaboration
  • 95,210 square feet of workspace to accommodate all of Amaro’s employees
  • Continuing partnership so Amaro can scale their business with WeWork in Brazil and beyond
  • Offloading building operations to allow for the freedom to focus on the business

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