At WeWork, hundreds of reasons to celebrate Pride Day

“It’s wonderful that there are tens of thousands of people who march and who spectate the parade who can make our daughter feel like she belongs, no matter who her family is,” says WeWork’s Emily Meyers.

Meyers and her family were among the more than 400 people who came out to celebrate New York City’s Pride March with WeWork. This was not the first time WeWork participated in Pride Month—this year it held events around the country—but it was the first time the company had its own float.

Over the course of the day, WeWork video lead Zachary Fuhrer and his team took to the streets to ask WeWork’s LGBT staffers, members, and their friends and family why Pride Day is important to them. It’s part of a series called Always Love directed by Brenna Perez.

“Every year there is someone here who’s having their first Pride, who’s having their first experience,” says Wayne Hoffman, who’s been coming to Pride Day for 28 years with his husband, WeWork’s Mark Sullivan. “I want to be here to cheer them on.”

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