The essentials: What a founder tucks inside her designer bag

Karen Moon’s career trajectory sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie script.

Moon embarked on a career in fashion design before she realized she wanted to “try something different” during her time at Otis College of Art and Design. She enrolled at UCLA and pursued her interested in technology and investment banking. From there, she worked at Gap Corporate and Goldman Sachs, and eventually earned her MBA from Harvard Business School. Not bad for a fashion school dropout.

“I grew up with an interest in the creative side of the business,” says Moon. “I made my prom dress and designed clothes for my Barbie dolls.”

The Essentials: What a Founder Tucks In Her Designer Bag Karen Moon Trendalytics

Nowadays, this hardworking entrepreneur fills her days with investor meetings, presentations, and brainstorming sessions with her Trendalytics team at WeWork NoMad. So how does she keep the momentum going when she’s always on the go?

“One things I’ve also started doing that’s been really helpful is having my notes on me,” shares Moon. “Depending on the meeting, I either have to be in customer mode, investor mode, or partnerships mode. It helps me reframe what I’m going to say when I don’t have time to prep beforehand.”

As co-founder of Trendalytics, Moon chooses travel-friendly sized products and her favorite designer goods to carry her from morning to night. Prepping for investor meetings to putting on makeup are all done during her commute with the help of ride-sharing services like Uber.

Whether she’s home or traveling, these are Moon’s essentials.

The Essentials: What a Founder Tucks In Her Designer Bag Karen Moon Trendalytics

3.1 Phillip Lim bag: “The reason this bag is great is because you can actually fit everything in it, which is a blessing and a curse. I put my laptop, my shoes, gym clothes (that’s totally a lie because I don’t go to the gym anymore), and phone. It’s easy to travel with.”

BonLook Glasses: BonLook glasses are like Warby Parker, but they have more retro styles. I usually have an extra pair of glasses with me and they kind of become my personal style ammo. They’re a little out there, but I also have a more conservative pair, too.”

Crocodile laptop case: “I actually found this on Etsy. I knew exactly what I wanted in a case, and I found it. It’s great because you can put your laptop in it, but also your notes.”

Macbook Air: “It was lightweight and I’m always carrying my laptop everywhere. I chose it because I needed it to be big enough to do my presentations with clients.”

Black notebook and pen: “The notebook is the cheapest one on Amazon. It looked pretty cool too, so we ordered a bunch for the office. For notes, I actually like to draw things, so I visualize there, too.”

United Nude Shoes: “These are my favorite pair and also my favorite brand. They’re an architectural design based company. A lot of clients we present to are in fashion or work in creative industries, so you always want to wear something interesting. I always have extra clothes, shoes, and stuff in the office. If you have a last-minute meeting, I’m always prepared.”

Rebecca Minkoff pouch: “There aren’t enough hours in a day, so I try to do my makeup in the car. What I try to limit it to is whatever can fit in this Rebecca Minkoff pouch, which was a gift from them. My lipstick, my blush, and I try to make everything work in the little pouch. I have a Nars lipstick that I love, and I prefer sample-size products now for easy traveling.”

3.1 Phillip Lim Wallet: “I lose wallets all the time, so I like everything mini and compact. That was a gift from our clients at Phillip Lim. Everything fits I need in this little wallet. I’ve become a lot more minimalist.”

The Essentials: What a Founder Tucks In Her Designer Bag Karen Moon Trendalytics

Photographs by Lauren Kallen

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