Move Over, Seattle. Tel Aviv is one coffee-obsessed city

A lot of places take their coffee seriously — Seattle, for example, where Starbucks has opened a reserve blend tasting room, and Anchorage, which recently took the title of most caffeinated city in the U.S.

But nowhere will you find a more coffee-obsessed population than Tel Aviv. Here it’s not just about the beverage itself, although locals love cold brew made from specialty blends of beans. According to Stefanie Amini, a member at WeWork Sarona, café culture here is active around the clock. Any time of the day or night you’ll spot locals enjoying a cup in their favorite establishments.

How can you drink coffee like a Tel Avivian? First of all, know that this is not a to-go coffee culture. Be prepared to stay a while, setting up a temporary office or arguing with friends old and new about current events. And there’s no better place to people-watch that the cafés of Tel Aviv, so pull up a chair and watch the passing parade.

Photo credit: Stephanie Amini

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