Do what you love: every entrepreneur we’ve interviewed this year, in photos

Since launching back in September, the past few months have flown by. In that short time, we’ve sat down with quite a few entrepreneurs working both within and outside of our community, many of which took part in our Do What You Love project — a series that showcases the entrepreneurs behind emerging companies.

To put it all in perspective, we’re bringing these 26 interviews together. You can see them all below, and if a quote catches your eye, click to read on.

swill-cofounder“If you don’t take big risks you won’t get big rewards” — Andrew Young

JeffreyBlum“There’s only one way to succeed” — Jeffrey Blum

BenjiKayne2“You’re going to go broke and that’s okay” — Benji Kayne

RedditI saw behind the curtain, and knew I could never have a ‘real job’ — Erik Martin

MarquiseStillwell“School can’t teach you how to be fearless” — Marquise Stillwell

MatthewMedney“Success means influence” — Matthew Medney

AndrewKesslerDo what you love: “You can’t fake it” — Andrew Kessler

KaiyiChu“When you realize there’s something you have to do, you just do it” — Kaiyi Chu

Chris-Poole-Moot“We want to help people break down the barriers to creativity” — Chris Poole

RhobinDelaCruz1My boss said, “You can’t be here anymore” — Rhobin DelaCruz

Adam Bellin“Keep on punching” — Adam Bellin

DavidGanulin-wm“We all have to work on ourselves” — David Ganulin

resound“Take a step back and get an outside perspective” — Kevin McLaughlin

1“We work to live, we don’t live to work” — Danielle Weingarden

pickie2“I always said I was going to be a CEO” — Sonia Sahney Nagar

Pierre Dorsaz -swissnex-wm“We’re all pulling at the same rope when it comes to creating value in the world” — Pierre Dorsaz

maria-fullstart“I refused to change my career” — Maria Ramos

pooch-pals“Plan your work and work your plan” — Marc Elias

Sam Lundin“Experiences are more valuable than possessions” — Sam Lundin

mohchi-front“It’s important to build something that’s meaningful” — Jason Oh

zinepak“Failure is never final” — Brittany Hodak

inart-design-works“Just focus on the big picture” — Alziro Braga

andrew-frankel“You can only do so many things at a time” — Andrew Frankel

Ranjan-Roy“Building a product is only one facet of running a business” —  Ranjan Roy

David-JooSurround yourself with people that can do what you can’t — David Joo

sandeep-ayyappanI was obsessed with a problem — Sandeep Ayyappan

KeepyOnce you’re an entrepreneur, it’s hard to go back — Offir Gutelzon

Tiffany WillsonEntrepreneurialism is part of human nature — Tiffany Willson

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