First Hour: a morning with Nettitude’s Martin Watts

Some of Martin Watts’ best ideas come to him during his early morning commute.

As Chief Operating Officer at Nettitude, a company that specializes in cyber security and risk management, Martin keeps his schedule packed to help organizations improve their security, and reduce the risk of cyber attacks. To prepare for his busy days, he finds inspiration in a daily walk along the Hudson River.

We chatted with Fulton Center member Martin for this edition of First Hour — a series that showcases the morning-side of entrepreneurs. Below, Martin shares how he spends the early hours of his day.

WeWork Magazine: Are you a morning person?

Martin Watts: Definitely. I usually get up at 5:30 a.m., and I’m normally in bed by 22:30, but there are exceptions.

WWM: What gets you up every day?

MW: My phone alarm! My motivations are providing as best I can for my family, creating a successful business, and trying to stay in reasonable shape at the same time.

WWM: What are your first thoughts when you get up?

MW: Don’t make too much noise! My fiancée and my one-year-old daughter are not so keen on the early start.

WWM: Tell us about your morning routine.

MW: I spend around 40 minutes at the gym doing cardio or weights. The gym is on the same block as my apartment, which is very convenient. Afterward, I’ll shower, check the weather forecast, dress, say “good morning” and “good bye” to my family, and head to the office.

WWM: What do you usually eat for breakfast?

MW: Oatmeal with fruit and honey.

WWM: What do you do during your morning commute?

MW: The first part of my commute is a 10-minute walk along the Hudson, across the water from World Trade Center and downtown Manhattan.

The view is inspiring as the sun comes up; I can’t help but feel energized. It’s where my mind starts thinking of ideas for sales incentives, marketing plays, and client expansion. By the time I’m at my desk 20 minutes later, these ideas are fully formed.

WWM: What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at the office?

MW: Turn on laptop, check emails, and sort breakfast.

WWM: What’s your secret to not stressing out in the morning?

MW: I don’t look at my phone until I leave my apartment and try to enjoy being outside during my commute.

WWM: What does your ideal day look like?

MW: Having a great workout, being with my family, and seeing Nettitude help more companies with cyber security. My role is to continually create a happy, thriving, and successful working environment that will translate to satisfied clients. Getting home to see the family before my daughter goes to bed is a must.

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Photographs by Lauren Kallen

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